Monday, February 1, 2016

Stockholm - Lunch break at Schweizer Konditori Cafe, Gamla Stan

Date: 17th October 2015

By mid-day, i.e. right after we have purchased some souvenirs, we saw this beautiful cafe from outside. What attracted me initially was the fruits and it's restaurant decor. As I peeked inside it was even more beautiful inside than outside. The place seems to be crowded with customer though it is still early for lunch. So Ane and I decided to have an early lunch at Scheizer Konditori Cafe, also known as Cafe Cuio E.F, having an address at Vasterlanggatan 9, 111 29 Stockholm. While waiting for the food to arrive, I snapped three below photo that I'm fully aware to share in this blog. This place is quite unique and very artistic.

Molinari is another famous local coffee shop in Stockholm

Take note that a must visit eating place is the restaurant "Gyldenefreden" or Den gyldene freden which is located in Osterlanggatan. It has been in business since 1722 and according to the Guinness Book of Records is the oldest existing restaurant with an unaltered interior. Den Gyldene Freden serves an authentic Nordic home cooking since its opening. They have been famous due to cultural personalities but most importantly, tourists and local regulars visit their historic facilities in Gamla Stan to enjoy the fine food and the genuine atmosphere. Den Gyldene Freden is very proud of their heritage and passionate about refining classic courses into modern cooking.

A Muslim waitress greeted us with happy face when we took a seat and brought us a menu plus some recommendation of what to eat and drink. She even suggested for me to try fresh mint ginger tea with honey and shared how to prepares the same on my own when I got back to my country. 2 meals and 2 drinks cost us only Swedish Kronor 335 inclusive of 12% service tax.

Salmon pie for Anne
Salmon Pudding for me
Fresh mint ginger tea with honey
No words needed to explain the outcome of the food

This cute little Cafe with a coffe bar and absolutely delicious looking sandwhiches and pastries is a must try place for eatery. This is the place where you should try Swedish delicacies including their irresistible sweets and desserts with local coffee, preferably. But best of all, the staff was very friendly, greeted everyone with a warm smile and welcoming gesture that is beyond expectation. Wonderful taste of Swedish hospitality.

Some pastries that you should try
Not to mention a rich cakes and tarts

I'm ranking this place as 10/10 due to its hospitality, warm welcome and good, value for money food.
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