Saturday, February 6, 2016

Flower Gardens in Stockholm

Having a deep affection with the flowers, I always forcefully takes away Anne's camera whenever I spotted them as I did not carry my own DSLR camera during the last trip. It was this case in Stockholm too after we have done with our visits and were walking back to hotel. I had that moment of snapping the flowers shot before I bid my farewell with a sense of incomplete mission, mostly due to not able to visit Nordiska Museet. Those moment where at the last corner of where the two museum, Vasa and Nordiska is located, there's still flowers petal blooming though the weather was cruelly cold at that time. It stood there gracefully surrounded with beautiful historic buildings, did soften my heart a lot. And those feeling of having so at peace just by looking tat hose miraculous beauty are recorded here. Hope you like it :)

Last but not least, I present you a Nordiska Museet entrance signage and few photo of flowers that I snapped in the morning at the city hall. And, I thank you for visiting my page!

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