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Copenhagen - Glance through visited place

Duration of stay: 14th till 16th October 2015

Denmark is the first Scandinavian country that I landed at via Inter City train passing through Puttgarden-Rodby connecting ferry. You may read again about my unique adventure on those ride, Train Ride - Hamburg to Copenhagen. As soon as we reached the city, we walked by following a saved google map in Anne's handphone to find the Urban House, the one that she booked and paid in advance. There's a groceries store beside the hotel as well as few international restaurant. As soon as we settled the luggage at the hostel reception while letting Anne cleared her addiction with cyber life, I went back to the train station to change some local currency in order for me to buy some groceries that I was excited about. Yeah, I need to prepare good lunch to my taste.

Tivoli Garden, best to explore during evening time

When it was time for checked in, we were a little bit disappointing to see that the double bed room is rather small. Just a little space to open our luggage, allowing us to pray right at the entrance door while making sure no one is entering the bathroom. We thought of exploring what is Tivoli Garden has to offer later in the evening as it was the best time to visit according to Anne's research. Weather was pretty cold when we leisurely took a stroll heading towards the Tivoli Garden following the save google map. Being a first timer in a new city, one is always confused with a new place, like we did. We made a long way turn, whereas the fastest way was actually by using the central station to cross to the other end as Tivoli Garden seated adjacent to it. When we found the entrance, we saw that Central Station was just behind us. See below photo.

Copenhagen Central Station from Bernstorffsgade street

The next morning, we became a little bit wiser. We used the map taken from Urban House reception desk and follow a short cut to reach Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (see the building in below photo). I figured the name "Carlsberg" and initially thought it must be a museum that tells the history and revolution of the Carlsberg breweries. Apparently the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is an art museum in Copenhagen that has the personal collection of Carl Jacobsen, the son of the founder of the Carlsberg Breweries. It was not yet open when we arrived. We later decided not to wait and cross the road heading towards the city hall.

There's an ongoing underground Metro construction right in front of the City Hall that ruin the photo taken near the statue in front of the City Hall. So, we decided to enter the magnificent building and were taken by surprise that it is free of charge. We spent quite a long time inside the building, being the first city hall that we are able to explore freely without watching guards. We probably were there for more than an hour because by the time we came out, we saw a new copenhagen free tour started gathering outside the square. It was 10 minutes before their starts time, 11 am. Since I've snapped so many beautiful shots inside the City Hall, I wish to share my most favorite spot inside, i.e. the garden.

Free walking tour starts everyday at 11am and 2pm where the meeting place is at the Dragon Fountain in-front of the City Hall. I wish to recommend to all of you who wish to join to gather and look out for their yellow umbrella. If you happen to see a group of people following a guide in yellow umbrella, by all means do follow the crowds. You may see two guides in below photo that I'm sharing while waiting for more people to join. Whatever it is, at 11am sharp the group will started to move to the designated itineraries after explaining the rules of "free tour" means.

Town Hall Square
Our joyful guide made a quick stop in front of the Court House sharing 6000 years of Copenhagen story with our group who came from all over the globe. My favourite was this stop where, without realising I was actually standing on a place where the court hang criminals took place. Try imagine old European movies where whoever sentenced to death, will be hang for public view. I know, too much historian movie for me. Because the Jewish and the Christians were practicing Hudud law as per scripture. In this modern day, people alter a lot of God's law by creating what is reasonable and practical according to their view. Hence, there's chaos now everywhere, including in Muslim countries who refused to implement Hudud law. My apology for being carried away... don't worry, it is merely a view of mine, frustrated not able to do anything to make this world a better place to stay :(

The city court of Copenhagen
Next stop after passing by so many beautiful street lanes and canals, we stopped again at Christiansborg Palace. Since the tour is short or rather two and a half hours, we were not allowed to explore inside the attractions. The guide merely explained about the history of the kings and the palaces and the war between the neighboring country. You may return and paid a visit later should you be more interested for educational knowledge inside the Christiansborg Palace. As for us two, we chose to pay Little Mermaid statue a visit, hence, no more time left to explore later when the group parted.

Horse Stable infront of Christianborg Palace

When I first saw the name "Absalon" in below statue photo, I was recalling a beautiful prayer in the Psalm when Prophet David or rather King of David recited when he was in despair over the loss of his son, Absolem. The Psalm is the Holy book that mostly calling people to praise God and go back to His original teaching whenever you are lost or you're looking for direction for a straight path. From David's journey to bring God's religions, he faces a lot of challenges and obstacles, e.g. he had to face his son, Absolem who rebelled against him for the throne. His grief after Absolem died was recorded in the psalm. Our guide, explained about Absalon, a renown Danish archbishop and statesman who went to war in the name of God, killing so many people. He doesn't seem to like Absalon much as according to him religion means spreading peace, not spreading sword.

Monument of Bishop Absolem

Thereafter we proceeded to a must visit place when in Copenhagen, Nyhavn and on our way, we were given advised where to shop after the tour. Magasin Du Nord is one of the famous mall in Copenhagen. We did stop and explored inside on our way back to the hotel later the day. Shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur is much better choice for us, hence, we did not buy even a thing inside. What I recorded was my crazy search over a beautiful florist seated just outside the mall. Here is what I excitedly entered while still on travel, "a florist shop in front of Magasin-du-Nord".

Magasin de Nord, a shopping mall

Kongens Nytorv or the old kiosk was where we stop for quick lunch and own exploration at the famous Anchor, or famously referred to as Nyhavn. Tourist all over the world would come and snapped photos at this place for buildings in front of Nyhavn canal is a must stop destination when in Copenhagen. Admittedly, it is my favorite spot too as everything that surrounds the old kiosk has an ancient, expensive, grandeur looking buildings around them. Keller, a bored piling and other geotechnical specialist contractor is seen parting in the underground Metro construction within the vicinity.

Kongens Nytorv at the end of Stroget street

Yes, this is the Anchor that I mentioned above and behind is the Nyhavn canals and its colorful buildings that every tourist must take pictures, an evidence of a visit to Copenhagen. Wait for my separate entry for more detailed story.

Once everyone are back from their whatever activity for the past 20 minutes given, we gathered back at Kongens Nytorv where another briefing by our guide about the next destination took place. We were then heading towards Amalienborg Palace to see changing of guards. Below photo was where I cheated the Danish palace guard to have photo with me, whilst the second one was when they were ready for the ceremony.

Amalie Garden was a place for parting time with our friendly and kindly free walking tour guide. Everyone came forward to shake hand with some notes/coins in whatever amount they felt like giving (no fixed amount mentioned) handed out to him. We parted and said our farewell to one another then the group dispersed.  

Opera house seen across the fountain at Amalie Garden

Since, it is already near to the Marble Church, Anne and I went for our exploration and a moment of peace inside. More stories when I write about the beauties (I mean the arts and architecture) inside the house of God.

What we found while searching for a little mermaid was a God-sent, Langeline park and adjacent to Kastellet south gate, we saw a stunning St. Alban's Church. It is simply called as an English Church, being 1 of the unique Anglican Church in Copenhagen. While in there, we stood to play with water at Gefion Fountain, not knowing that it is where people throw coins wishing for whatever they dream for. What a great choice to walk further to this part of the city.

St Alban Church
Amazingly, there's a lot of tourist stood waiting for their turns to take a closer photo with the Little Mermaid statue when we arrived at the spot. Majority are adults, and later when it was my turn, there's a group of senior citizens tourist from China also arrived at the spot. Of course, we had our chance with the small little statue but to stay openly at the harbour side is killing whoever. We bought and sipped the coffee that fastly turns cold and decided to go back. Anne's Iphone has recorded that we walked about 15 kilometre for the whole day. My apology for a lengthy entry. I sometimes gets carried away easily.. haha

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