Monday, November 23, 2015

Brussels - Lunch at Centrum of Kebab

Lunch on 10th October 2015 in Brussels city

We did not have a packed lunch during the last trip as we wished to explore a halal meal restaurant, preferably local food in all the cities that we were touring. Rest assured, Brussels has many of the halal food outlet being the fastest growing city where the people are accepting and converting into Islam faith. While on a city metro heading towards Brussels Central station, a Muslim local has enlightened us about some of the recommended restaurant to eat, which I forgot easily. It was Friday and he was just coming back from performing Friday Jum'ah prayer at a nearby mosque. Earlier on, 2 Muslim boys has helped us carrying our luggage seeing us struggling. That 2 local boys are both Muslim and also on their way back from Friday prayer.  

Big portion lunch for Anne
From google search, Muslim tourist may find more than 10 restaurants that serves halal meal in Grand Place area alone. Nothing to worry when in Brussels. We found Centrum of Kebab right after we have explored Manneken Pis. This food outlet is located at Zuidstaat 92, Rue du Midi, exactly around the same street of Manneken Pis. The meat is halal, so, we chose beef kebab. The service is very fast and efficient. My kebab set lunch was reasonably charged at Euro11.50 only. Should you happen to be in this area, do give them a try.

Slightly burned kebab makes it hard to chew
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