Friday, June 26, 2015

The House - recommence now :)

Alhamdulillah, blessing the month of Ramadhan, hubby has re-initiated our house construction few days after we started fasting. He had 2 additional workers coming to him looking for job after searching high and low for them. These workers are God-sent. He started off our neigbour's house construction, a few plot from ours since we made a difficult decision to stop ours due to financing issue. It was in November last year. With the first source of financing in hand, we went to look for Tiles end of last month and all that we ordered has been delivered a week ago. Unfortunately that the tiler gang is equally busy to commence their installation works. Hubby then arranged for the external works, mainly sewerage connection works and electrical works to proceed in the mean time. After 7 months, I have faith that this would be the last time our family are fasting and celebrating eid in the house that we presently occupied since the last 22 years. May Allah bless our family and all the people that is looking out for Him with sincere heart. Those who does, found true happiness, a peace of mind clear from bad thought that allow us to rest at peace at night. Amen!

How we left it in December 2014
2 days working on with backhoe who did the excavation and backfilling

Provisions for outlet piping

From the guest room

Where the carpet grass and green gardens will be. I'm going to bare walk here from my Laundry room

The sewer pipe was laid under the car porch area

Where my roses and vegetables garden will be planted in the planter boxes

Crawler plant to fill-up our RC wall just behind our master bedroom, a place where I'm going to spend my time with

Snapped from from "cousins room". The authority contractor will continue the sewer connection from the last manhole 

Wiring is all up now. It's time to fix the ceiling.. Thank you Allah, I'm indeed very grateful
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