Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rosette Cafe, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland

My apology to my readers as I do not have much time lately to update my blog. I actually wanted to start writing about the Cameron Highlands, a must visit destination when in Malaysia but let's get started with sharing the food entry first. We saw Rossette Cafe while passing by to the hotel at Tanah Rata. The signboard clearly shown that they have a steamboat menu. In a cold night weather of Cameron, I was thinking to give it a try. Besides, the restaurant was decorated quite cosy and beautifully, visible from far distance. You may read more of their client's review from the Tripadvisor website, of which I'm sharing for your conveniences.

This restaurant is being operated by a family minded business, offering both oriental and western food. We were so undecided what to choose for dinner as everything in the menu are looking so attractive as attractive as their interior decoration. Nasrul opted for western meal, whilst Syahirah was trying a Japanese Noodle. Nazhif is, most of the time a bit more understanding than others. He was willing to share the steamboat with his mother who was looking anxiously at the menu. He knew that I could not finished the big portion only for myself. In the end, I was clearing all the vegetables and he the meat. It was for a mutual benefit.

Despite of positive and negative comments about the waitresses, I would definitely visit the cafe again as they are a clean, cosy ambience and reasonably affordable meal is charged at this place. We were fortunate as they are still operating the cafe when they were supposed to be home enjoying a family Chinese New Year's dinner. It was a CNY's eve the night of our dinner. I really have nothing to complaint. Our group of 4 were really enjoying our night out at Tanah Rata before adjourning to the night market. Please, by all mean, visit their cafe using a Google Map direction.

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