Saturday, October 4, 2014

Train Rides 2014 - Salzburg to Munich

Date of travel: 13th April 2014

Our ticket was showing that OBB train no. 66 shall depart Salzburg Hbf station 4 minutes to 7pm and will arrived in Muenchen Hbf one and a half hours later. It was a short journey. I was so happy as there will be 2 more train travel by the time we reached Munich that night. The next train was to Paris from Munich and to London by Eurostar. Most importantly, we shall have no more concern about the heavy luggage after we arrived in Paris. Those luggage becoming troublesome and so irritating to drag after the tenth day. We seriously need a traveler potter with us.

Happy me with happy pose
The hotel had called a cab to take us to the train station and the cab driver is very helpful to ensure we reached at the most expeditious journey. There's not much traffic in Salzburg. Maybe because it was Sunday, a public holiday where people chose to stay home rather than crowding the road. After we have checked the nearest lift to our scheduled train platform, we took a rest at the passengers lounge provided by OBB (please take note that the business and economic classes are in separated lounge). There's a shopping outlets inside the train station should you wish to kill time while waiting for the train to come. I chose to get an accurate distance information from the ticketing office whilst Anne headed to the food outlet. They confirmed that the railway track distance is 145km from Salzburg to Munich. That was why it takes only 1.5 hours ride. We have covered 2,273km by rail from Istanbul Sirkeci station so far. Therefore, there will be another 1,428km to cross 3 countries, Germany, France and England to complete the 2nd leg of our huge plan travel inland. Yeay!!  

The station is indeed very neat and tidy, furnished with the latest technology as updated in my earlier entry. Weather was cold, so, we estimated a right good time to wait under the open space before the train scheduled to arrive (take note that train mostly arrived on TIME, so please wait at least 5 to 10 minutes at the platform). There were a few other people waiting along with us when we reached the platform. We took that waiting tome for a short discussion among our-self, a usual stuff that we did daily, like what to eat when we arrived at the hotel, do we take a cab (Anne assured NO NEED as the train is near to the hotel that we booked) etc etc. 

Again at that time, we have been politely approached by the locals, a man in his mid thirties (I assume). He was looking and smiling for some times from a distance until he had a gut to say hello. He asked a normal question with an admiration (that we, 4 Muslim women travelling without male companion) in his face. We were more than happy to answer him and in return, we asked his opinion where will be the right place to wait for our coach to arrive. People do curious to know about foreign traveler, especially our Asian faces and attire which are obviously different from the European. Well, no harm sharing thoughts as meeting peoples are always bring a good memories.

The train has arrived in time in Munich Haufbahnhoff. I managed to snapped below photos on the arrival platform before we headed towards the direction of the hotel that we are going to stay for a night. It looks so near from the map but in reality it was rather quite far for us to drag our feet and heavy luggage along. Especially in a cold night weather. It was the breeze that killing us, not so much the cold. After much dramatic (from me again), we managed to check in safely.

I promise all of you, I will continue soonest the places that we visited in Munich. Classes for second year LEEP programme shall start in November and by end of the year, Anne and I will continue our third leg. I ought to finish Europe travelogue soonest possible before new year comes.

That's all for today, my working Saturday morning.... Love & peace to All!

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