Friday, October 3, 2014

Salzrburg - A wrap post

Date: 29th September 2014

Salzach river, new town houses, Austria flag and Salzburg mountainous valley

Salzburg city musician 

I becoming too lazy these days to finish off the Europe travelogue. Anne would happily endorsed that statement of mine as she knew how lazy I am as a person. In fact, I have too much information that I wish to share more on travelling trip for those who wanted to visit the same place that we did. But it would be on a different entry title.

Deatils of beautiful sculptures

The vision was there, I mean, the way I want to structure each entry. As for now, what is important is sharing those places of interest that we visited from the history point of view and its geographical view. It will be meaningful if we strengthen the facts of those lovely places with reasons "Why do we visited them?, what are the interesting facts about those place that worth visiting etc etc. Later, I promised I shall share all the tips and clue of our travelling plan, the details including of how much we spent for those travels.

Purples is adorable

In the meantime, I'm sharing the last few photos to record those sweet memoirs of our trip, captured by all 4 of us. I thanked Anne for supporting the Salzburg entry with good quality photos from her Nikon since my Nikon has a little bit problem with natural lighting. Maybe, I should start photography classes seriously. But the real problem is now, at presence, "do I have anything time left to spare?". With classes to resume in November, the house financing for the bungalow construction to be resolved, so many unread books sighing helplessly as I seems to forgot about their existence, etc etc. Reality is, I DONT!!! So, I better don't start dreaming of achieving of another skill when I don not have sufficient time to pursue them.

All photos shared in this entry are basically about our group and Salzburg city from what we we see and what we likes. Hope you enjoy them. Next, I'm going to start writing about Munich. 

May our friendship last a long time, Anne

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