Sunday, October 26, 2014

Love, Rosie - movie date with my BFF

I've been waiting to watch one of the great novel, "Where Rainbows End" turn movie by Cecelia Ahern. It was a romantic comedy Irish film, which supposedly to be a sad romance story line between Rosie and Alex. Lilly Collins play Rosie whilst Sam Claflin acting as Alex. Being best friend since young age, falling in love along the way, Rosie and Alex were actually married at old age in the story book but the movie was like few weeks after Alex's and Bethany's wedding. Cecelia Ahern fans are not too happy about it though Cecelia is part of the production team.

The best scene that I like most is of course the last part, Rosie's hotel opening day. Alex came to her. Another part was during Rosie's speech at Alex's wedding. It was so so beautiful wedding speech, ever. Still, the fans are not happy as the book has more details than the movie. 

Despite what the fan's comment, I really like the movie for few reasons. The first was because 1 was watching it with my fated BFF, my daughter. The second was, I should have gone to watch it with another friend that was carelessly came in mind while in the theater, just because I wanted to watch with a friend. And the third reason was, I was on "break" mood. 

It was a sad environment in the house these days We have a financing issue over the bungalow construction. I had to make a mutual arrangement with my sister to sell my apartment, withdraw my 2nd EPF account and finish-off the leftover works, about 20% more to go. Things are not going smooth as planned, the arrangement got delayed and we have to have at least another 3 months for the money to be released. Hubby is very sad as he dedicated most of his time building the house, which in my eyes, beautiful house ever since it was built with love and tears.

I, on the other hand strongly believe that this must happen for a right reason. Allah will not make it so simple if He doesn't know what was best waiting at the end of that 3 months. My faith is on Him. There surely ways to overcome all the problems in this life, as long as you keep on pushing it for real. I've motivated everyone in the family not to sigh, not to worry as we are in a fortunate household. There are many other who are not as fortunate as us. Therefore, feeling bless naturally help to ease a burden heart.

When we came back from the theater, our beloved Tottie was disturbing. My BFF took him for "cleaning session". She's very good at that. This boy does not like it that much, not like our beautiful Kayla, who love when it come to TLC moment. See how he hard he tried to stop my daughter from cleansing his ear drum. It is indeed a bless to watch beautiful moment, bonding session between these 2.

This is how he tried to stop my BFF from cleaning his ear drums... hehe
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