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Munich - Glance through visited places

Date: 14th April 2014


We had an early morning breakfast cum meeting discussing plans for our visit since we have a rather short stay in Munich, a day to explore. Our City Night Line train was scheduled to leave Munich Hauptbanhof at late night to Paris. At the onset, we decided to extend 1 room at 1 day full charges so that we can secured our luggage and freshen up later after a day tour. A handsome reception German guy who received us a night before had advice that we were not allowed for ½ day booking. With that decision in mind, we quickly packed our luggage and pushed everything in the room that we chose to hold. However, the hotel that we stayed was fully booked. They cannot keep the room for us but offered to keep our luggage in their office until late night at no charge.

Semi circle building (2 units on the left and right of the entrance to Marientplatz), 1 of the kind, so Gothic

After all has been settled with the hotel reception, we checked below original itinerary and decided where to go first:-
7.30 am      Breakfast
9.00 am      Hotel Check out (if possible store luggage in hotel)
9.30 am   Headed to Munich Hauptbanhof, storing luggage (Hauptbahnhof (central station) and Ostbahnhof do have lockers ('Schliessfach') to store luggage.) (EUR 5/no/ day from 8.00am to 8.00 pm)
10.00 am    Visit Marienplatz (Central Square) & lunch
2.30 pm      Visit Residenz Munchen (Munich Residence)
3.30 pm      Visit Allainz Arena (Stadium)
6.00 pm      WMF (near hotel) & sight seeing
7.00 pm      Arrive Munchen Hbf  - claim luggage before 8.00 pm
7.30 pm      Sight Seeing, Dinner & rest *Packed dinner
10.50 pm    Depart for Paris via City Night Line (CNL) *Overnight in train. Train No. 40418, Coach No. 119, Seat No. 63, 64, 65, 66

Sweet smell of lavenders at the shopping straits of Marientplatz

At around 9 am we walked to the nearest city train station heading towards our first destination, i.e. Central Square or famously referred by locals as Marienplatz. Due to last night incident, we tried not to walk so much (afraid that this lady who is writing this blog will be losing her temperament once she again is tired…hehe). Take note how horrible I was am. After a short pleasant walk, we found our way to the nearest underground station of S-bahnhoff after we stop for window shopping at 1 of the boutique.

Bayern Munich fan shop at Marientplatz

We had so much difficulties with the machines and no one was friendly enough to help us. In fact, not many English speaking people in the station. We were in a similar as when in Istanbul, we too were having difficulties getting direction from the public. But a clever us (hehehe) managed to find our ways to all the places we want to go so far.

A crowds at Rathaus @ New City Hall

Out of nowhere, a beautiful lady approached us with her beautiful English ascent that sounds like music to my ear. When she said “May I help you? You seems a bit lost?”, I thanked Allah for His eyes has directed this lady's gaze toward our group. I happily explained that we intend to buy a day pass to get around for a day. She took us to the tickets machine and started showing of how to get a daypass and/or any other available options from the machines. She also directed a way to a platform (there's 3 levels of underground tunnel) where the city trains shall take us to 1 of our planned destination, Allianz Arena, the famous German’s football stadium belong to Bayern Munich Footbal Club.

After all done with the ticket, she asked where do we wanted to go first. Marienplatz according to her seated just above the train station. After saying our farewell, we followed an exit direction up to the ground. At that time, the map that we took at the hotel looks familiar and easy to search. Marientplatz is a huge shopping streets, becoming a tourist attraction area. It was there where most of prominent buildings and shops are located. No tourist will get lost coming to this place as it provides a clear directional sign to all the shops available at the square. Our main priority was to shop for souvenirs (fridge magnets and plate) and items to bring back from WMF shop.

The weather was not as good as what we expected, hence, my Nikon again given me lots of headache. We were avoiding a cold wind most of the times, resulting a group vote to skip the Allainz Stadium. How sad. Nevertheless, it was the first time during the last ten days of the trip, we gave in to the cold season. The balance day was well spent eating and shopping.

A visit to Residen Munchen is a must

Foods won't be much a problem to a Muslim tourist as plenty of Muslim foods outlets and restaurant are easily found in Munich city. A night before, I had a short conversation with the Arabs couple who were there almost a month getting a medical treatment from a nearby hospital. They have said the same thing about how nice is Munich city when it comes to Halal food. 

A must try place to dine, Istanbul Restaurant

My last advice is not to worry much about it as our group were having our lunch and dinner outside. Our balance ration were save for the last few days left in Paris. 

Most importantly, you can go for any window shopping for free, nothing to worry :)

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