Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Exam Fever - August 2014

Remember about I entered school (back-to-school) again sometime end of last year? Here... an exam time in the month of August for 2013/2014 B-Jurist External student. Hence, I studied, I sometime panicked, I forced my fingers to write 20 pages within 3 hours 15 minutes exam allocated time, so I guessed it was a good start. Most of my friend and I have done with 4 law papers and 1 more on a compulsory university paper, TITAS for tomorrow. Nothing much to worry for tomorrow beside reading TITAS book as the exam will be conducted in objective style, carrying 60% mark, 40% from the assignment. 

Below is the Examination Building in University Malaya, located another 2 junctions from the law faculty. I had my lunch at student food court when I found the building nearby, a day before the exam. I studied in the library some times, having discussion with my group, but most of the time I was at home, accompanied by our lovely cats. Home is pretty quite these days as Syahirah usually left very early for her practical kindergarden in Ampang, Nasrul is sitting for his SPM in December, Nazhif leaves daily to his work place (in his internship with M&E Consultant now) and Naim will be the last to leave home to attend his classes in MSU, Shah Alam.

And I'm sharing memorable photos in the exam hall from the very first day till yesterday. 

1st day exam few minutes before entering the hall, I sent this selfie to my family whatsapp group - freak out face for TORT paper and after the last exam in 1999 (15 years ago)

After TORT paper was over, can smile a bit

2nd paper, Contract Law outside the hall with my bestie, Maryam and Zaharah, my study group

10 minutes before we have to stop writing I was stretching my fingers, too numb from writing 20 pages for Malaysia Legal System paper.... #Proff Johan, you better give me A for that as I've quoted minimum 4 cases for 1 questions :)

At 3pm, selfie in the Interview room... shhhh

5 minutes after the exam, Islamic Law... honestly, I'm shaking a bit, don't know whether I answer the way Ustad want.. #Ustad, please please allow me to pass

Ustad Abd Muhsin is our coordinator and he snapped some photos, shared them in our Facebook group. I'm sharing them here as to see how my course mate and I struggled during Malaysia Legal System paper last Friday to find a right legal words and the law of authority to argue our answer. Whatever it is, good luck to me and to all my friends. Peace!

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