Monday, September 1, 2014


It was about a year ago when we had a nightmare having to see Phoenix so sick (check my entry in November 2013). On eid, a month back Phoenix was losing his appetite despite how much we tried to feed him. I made him plain chicken meat boiled full cooked without any flavor. He ate the chicken the first few times, thereafter refused the meat too. Hubby bought a box of 6 packet food of ProDiet, "Chicken & Tuna". He loves it until the 2nd box, he back to eat literally so little that saddened us both.  

Who would be able to turn a love by looking at his gaze? It was full of sorrow...
Few days later, Syahirah took him to the same veterinar who treated him in November last year. The doctor assured that there's nothing wrong with him but to make sure that he is 100% healthy, he suggested a blood test. Syahirah did not have much money with her at that time, so, she refused as the blood test for the animals are much more expensive than the test to the human. Medicines was given, mostly a supplement to boost his appetite. That was the time he was eating the chicken & tuna.

Almost 2 weeks ago, while on my stay up night to study, I accidentally stepped on his body as it was dark and I didn't knew that he was on the floor. He gave a loud sound and quickly hid himself under the seat. An hour later, Tottie disturbed me with his "meow meow". When I put my notes down, I saw bloods on the floor. It was a horrible sight as it was flowing from his mouth. I was devastated to see that and quickly wiped the blood on his mouth and on the floor.

I took 2 photos below and shared it on family group chat. Syahirah immediately came down and shared my worries. I tried to go to bed as it was about 30 minutes after 0100 hours. I couldn't sleep instead weeping silently. Naim came to my room and offered to take Phoenix to the hospital which according to his friend open 24 hours in Plaza Phoenix shop lot area. 

A pain to see

The sample that Naim took to the clinic
I was crying and praying so hard to Allah in bed that night that nothing bad will happen to Phoenix. Hubby could not say anything as his word not able to stop my tears. Naim later called to inform that he was at the pet's clinic in KL city centre as the 1 that his friend initially advised was apparently closed. He passed the phone to the doctor who advised me that there's nothing physically wrong with Phoenix after he carefully examined him. But he recommended to carry the full body screening test including a blood test that will cost a rather expensive treatment. It was 3am in the morning.

One of the nurse advised Naim to take Phoenix to UPM, where hubby usually took our pets including when Lola was hospitalized for a week after she was hit by the car 3 years ago. Naim later called me to inform that he was coming back and will send Phoenix the next day to UPM. He added that I could now can sleep peacefully as the doctor told him that there's no danger due to the fact that Phoenix eyes was clearly show a good sign. A very sick animal can be seen from the look of their eyes. So, Phoenix was perfectly alright. With such promises I managed to sleep as my exam was on a day after. That kind doctor did not charged anything for his services, May Allah reward him for his kindness.

The next morning, I wake-up with a straight thought to Phoenix who was outside my room. I was so afraid to check him out, instead silently pray that Allah was not taking him while I was asleep... "You better don't do that Allah please forgive my sin and accept my prayer for Phoenix". Alhamdulillah, Phoenix was alive but the blood still flowing slightly from his mouth. I wake Naim up before I went to the library but Naim was so tired after last night incident but promised to send Phoenix later.

Syahirah called around 2pm informing that she was in the clinic for Phoenix blood test not knowing that the reason why Phoenix was like that maybe because of me (because I accidentally stepped on him). Anyhow, doctor had carried out a proper examination and prescribed 3 types of medicine. The next day the lab called to informed that the blood test showing a positive results that Phoenix is free from all disease. Few minutes later the clinic called and asked us to collect another medicine for anaemia. Anaemia was the result of him losing so much blood, according to her. 

Phoenix was not eating at all on the second day, instead of depending on the full milk intake though in a very little quantity. He was at his terrible state. We were all so worried. Not knowing what else to do, Hubby tried to feed him with kitten food that he bought from the pet shop which pleases Phoenix so much on the third day.  He started eating.

Most difficult time for medicine, Syahirah added glucose water in between the pills

Saw him yesterday in bed with hubby playing and tickling Phoenix was a heavenly sight. In addition, Phoenix has gain his weight (so much this time) made me forgot what I said to hubby urging him to call Phoenix owner and return him 2 weeks ago. My husband is a considerate person who always thought of other people who might have a problem of their own. I thought that it would be best for Phoenix to be with their original family than us. But, I had to agree with him on this as both Phoenix and Kayla changed very much as compared to when they first came into our life. Both are so attached with us especially Kayla and I are connecting in a very special way somehow. 

Anyway, I pray that their family is leading a happy life without us in their life. It's probably good to forgive and forget, let all the unknown story remains unknown, if not the pain will surface leaving a thousand unanswered questions. I hope to save only good memories of us. Life is indeed very short my friend. 

Smile and have peace, faith and compassion towards one another.

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