Thursday, August 7, 2014

Moving On

Shifting to new office: 6th August 2014

Yesterday mark another major step for me as our huge expressway project is ready to kick off. Acting as an EPC Contractor, our Concessionaire has invited us to share their project office in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. So far, our 5 Works Package Contractor were mobilising their offices at dedicated site too. I had to say my farewell to my girls at the headquarters yesterday with a heavy heart.

1st farewell lunch for Isk at Thai Restaurant 
Though I have been looking forward to shift, much of the history and memories in Lower Ground Floor of our HQ becoming too attach deep within me. I was there from 1st December 2012 till 5th August 2014. 20 months was indeed a long period to  built a true friendship and for that friendship to flourish beautifully. I have Anne, my best friend, Nurul my neighbour cum sister at the work station, Nurul's group of friend (Isk/Ili/Shakira/Eila) that later becoming my favorite girls in HQ including Nadeera, a sister to Ane as Nurul to me. These ladies are a very special friends of mine.

What did we do everyday? Our routines started in early morning, hi hi for coffee and breakfast, especially Isk who came very early like me. Isk, Nurul and I once join a gym on the upper floor before Nurul's wedding. Regularly Isk and I had morning talk at my place while having breakfast, beside Ane who joined quite often. Sometimes we go to have pancake with sambal ikan bilis at PKNS. 

Group lunch at my place was our favorite. We will brought take away foods and had lunch in a big group of 8 at my place while chatting, though very seldom Nadeera joined. The most memorable 1 was when Ane wanted to test her mini rice cooker before our Europe trip. We had a potluck lunch that day. After lunch, we usually gather at Surau for Zohor prayer and one 1 more time for Asar prayer before we end our working day.

That was going on for the last 20 months. So yesterday, my tears at the verge of flowing after I said my farewell to Nurul. I now understood why and how Ane broke down when Nadeera left on her last day before pursuing her study end of last month. Ane and Eila would be forever in the HQ. Soon, Nurul and Ili would join the Perak site team in November this year. I forgot to mention that both Isk and Shakira are in Damansara Uptown project has left earlier where their farewell photo is shared in this entry.

2nd farewell lunch for Kira at Pizzahut

Looking forward to meet for the third group lunch, i.e. my official farewell lunch next week with my girls. Miss you guys loads and tonnes :(
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