Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eid 1415 Hijrah, year 2014

Eid was celebrated slightly better than last year in our simplest way. Hubby and I were trying to keep things very positive as we wish to celebrate our last eid mubarak in a present house that we occupied since the last 21 memorable years just within our small family. We hope, with the willing and the grace of the Almighty, our new house would be ready for the next eid.

Apologize for a blurry image, had to share this 1 as it was the only shot with the whole family in

We get everyone to tidy up every corner of the house and the result was satisfactory. A lot of items being remove from the house, mostly old junk. It shows how we collect things that are no longer in use after 21 years. As for the meal, I only cooked chicken rending and boiled ketupat rice on Sunday while cooking for the last iftar meal. Hubby bought "kuah kacang" from the famous Samuri Satay Kajang and lemang. No pressure as all preparation was made in my own sweet time without any assistance. Eid falls on Monday,  28th July 2014 after 29 days fasting in Ramadhan month.

Nazhif's choice of color matches my long dress by Threads & Motifs, a Karachi designer's boutique

Unlike last year, we did not not specifically had any color theme. Hubby and Nasrul clearly said they don't need a new traditional Malay's "Baju Melayu', an outfit that Malays use to wear for a special occasion. Only Nazhif and Naim went on separately to at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. I had many pieces of new clothes from my recent trip to Karachi, tailored suits for both Syahirah and I including the 1 that Hidia specially design of my beautiful outfit for second eid. It was a bless months of 1415 (Islamic calendar year), both Ramadhan and Syawal.

After eid morning prayer, we had spent some time taking photos in the house. It was fun, something that we use to do after we put on all effort for our eid outfits. Eid morning meals was served after the photo session. 2 of my husband's worker and their family came to visit and celebrate eid with us.  Slightly after zohor prayer, we were ready to visit our relatives but had to wait slightly longer as my brother in law was on his way to visit us. We left together after Asar prayer to Selayang for the visits.

2nd day of Eid in Hidia Muin's special design outfit

and Syahirah in her own design outfit
We came back slightly after midnight on the first day, hence, we chose to rest the following day and only left the house after Asar prayer to visit my aunty and her daughter who had recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, 20 days earlier in Mantin, Negerei Sembilan. We hang out till almost midnight at their place before return to rest.

Kayla with some cookie serve to those who visit

On third day of eid, my nephew came to visit me from Klang with her 2 sister's in law family. By the time they left, we were too lazy to drive and chose to stay home, doing nothing. Hubby and I went to survey tiles for the new house in the first half of 3rd day. On forth day I started my 6 days unobligatory fasting following sunnah by the prophet. I invited my sister's family for dinner on 5th day. While at the same time, I did my revision for my upcoming exam in middle of the month. 5 papers within 2 weeks. I pray that I will do my best to achieve whatever outcome that it might come, hoping not to re-sit any of those papers.

Special cakes for all
So, how was did being celebrated by you?
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