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Italy - Lake Como, Lombardy (2006)

Day 7 & 8 in Italy : 6th & 7th May 2006

Lake Como seen from the city of Como, photo courtesy from Wikipedia
Being overnight for 2 nights in Hotel Regina Olga at Lake Como, remarked our last 2 days in Italy. The hotel is offering panoramic views over Lake Como situated in Cernobbio Piazza Mazzini. It provides an outdoor swimming pool and a lake-view terrace with bar service. The hotel’s restaurant “Cenobio” serves Italian and international cuisine, and specialities from the Como area. Restaurants, shops and ferries are all within walking distance. The A9 motorway is a 5-minute drive away.
The fountain facing Lake Como

Though we theoretically were there for 2 nights but not much time can be spent as we went out the whole day on 6th May touring Switzerland. Lake Como is merely 5km from Italy/Swtizerland border and the immigration checkpoint reachable onto Via Bellinzona. We spent full day shopping and visiting the famous chocolate factory, Alprose in Switzerland. Whilst on the 7th May 2006, we were busy in a hotel packing our luggage for departure back to Malaysia via Milan International Airport @ Milano Malpensa Airport. 

The above photo was snapped at a beautiful garden of Hotel Regina Olga, the back yard whilst below was snapped at their entry and exit point. Baspi Bus, seen in below photo was the bus which took us around of more than 2000km on road and also crossing Switzerland border and back.

We had more than 20 Malaysian in our group. All of them were very nice and generous coming from different background. Sadly that none of us stayed in contact. Zuri & I were closed with Doreen and Mel during the whole week but did not prolong the said friendship. The girl in below photo was the only solo traveler who happened to join our group. She's a very independent girl.

If I were to return to Italy again in the future, I would prefer to have a trip with my husband, the 2 of us on our own. Though we had planned each other how to spent our time together during our retirement, but I strongly feel that we can made an exemption of dropping by in Venice, at least, to enjoy any of it's summer season, maybe.

Last but not least, I would like to add on that 50% (over 1000) of photos I snapped during my visit were a collection of flowers as we were there during spring and the garden was blooming. Though most of soft copy photo were no longer in my hand, I will separately share in "Flowers" entry some of it that I still kept save in my facebook.

As a final tip to everyone, I would like to share the major cities Italy map and our full itinerary touring Italy in a week. You may need slightly longer days should you choose to arrange your own transportation but it is advisable if you could follow our travelling map with all places that we have visited, mentioned in 9 earlier entries, summarize in a link below:-

I hope the map above will somehow help you to decide of your own travelling plan to Italy. Wish you luck and have fun.
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