Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Turkey - Istanbul (2004)

Date of visit: 17th, 18th & 24th November 2004

It was taken a long time for me to get back on Istanbul, Blue Mosque entry as promised but sadly to say that I don't even have any printed photos save for the inside nor the outside of Blue Mosque though I've searching hard at home. Life has to move on, I better pen off what was left and where I have been during my 3 days in Istanbul. On 17th November 2004, we were visiting Topkapi Palace. I promise you that I will post more photos and more details of the Palace next year. PROMISE!

1 of the corner in Topkapi Palace

On our first night, we were having a diner while watching a Belly Dancer performing her beautiful moves. The night weather during autumn was not something to admire. Weather was less than 15 degrees at night but we enjoyed our first night so much. The next day, on 18th November 2004, we were visiting Blue Mosque and again, my apology as I only have below photo of the beautiful dome just outside Blue Mosque entrance to share with. Hippodrome is merely a walking distance, so, our groups were having a short tour there before reaching the Blue Mosque compound. 

I found below photo but could not remember where it was snapped. Perhaps, I will have a chance to return and look for more story to tells. PERHAPS!

But I have more photos in Hagia Sophia happened to be on the treasure box. The building stand so grandeur which are actually visible from the Blue Mosque. I had my pleasure treasuring the view inside the famous church turned mosque and I hope more details story to be shared soon. SOON!

Beautiful Hagia Sophia

More stories with more photos, reserved for next year entry, maybe. Yes, MAYBE! After visiting all important place of interest in Istanbul, we were in Grand Bazaar until it was time for our trip to Canakkale, about 500km journey via bus from Istanbul. The amount of what I spent in Grand Bazaar was beyond imagination.

After our return from Ankara in early winter weather and a heavy traffic congestion due to snow falls, we were enjoying our cruise along Bosphorus Sea on the day we supposed to travel back to Malaysia after 8 days touring Turkey. Below 3 photos were the picture that Zuri and I took with some of our group members.

with Sam, our tour guide from the Tourist Agent

Zuri and I with a family of 6 that we wishes so much to find. It was fun having to spend 8 days with a lovely family

with a kind, generous and charming uncle
to be continued...
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