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Switzerland - Lake Lugano, Fox Town & Alprose Choc factory (2006)

Date: 6th May 2006

We were indeed very lucky to enter Switzerland from Como to complete 3 itineraries; i.e. visiting Swiss famous chocolate factory @ Cioccolata Alprose SA, shopping at Lake Lugano and final shopping in the famous Fox Town. 

Alprose chocolate factory existed since 1957 by the Alprose expert chocolatiers who have dedicated their efforts to the creation and production of the finest Swiss chocolate. The Alprose factory is situated in the picturesque backdrop of Caslano, a short drive from Lugano (40km from Como) and belongs to the largest chocolate manufacturing company in Switzerland. We were informed that their overall annual production is more than 8,000 tons all under one roof. The end product has been marketed in 35 countries all over the globe.

Forget about chocolate, I was standing on a soil where the greatest Roger Federer is coming from :)

From the chocolate factory enjoying the taste and varieties of chocolates, we headed to Lugano town which is just 10km away. As soon as we arrived, I went to search for a shop selling watches. It was a watch for hubby, rather, hubby's 1st Tag Heur specially purchased from the Swiss land. The watch that I bought still in his hand till now, though mine, bought a year later, in 2007 lost, gone forever. 

With the completed assignment accomplished, I explored the beautiful Lugano city. Lugano is the biggest city in Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, lies on Lake Lugano. Beside the lakes, it is surrounded by mountains, including Monte Bre, Monte San Salvatore and the Sighignola. The Italian border is about 8 km away from the centre of town. Due to its strategic locations, surrounding mountains and the lake, and the fact that its situation south of the Alps gives it a milder climate than most of Switzerland, Lugano is a popular holiday destination, and tourism is an important source of income.

A walk inside the city and the market was very pleasant, suited a good mood with the weather, not too hot not too cold. I snapped numerous shots but unable to share all in here. Only few that I can share of which I hope you may like them.

Being approached by the locals while taking photos surrounding the lakes, the swans, the yacht etc. We made conversation in English. 

By a beautiful lake and tree fulls of flower. Bliss!

City view from a small park with tulips plant.

Last view of the Lugano Lake and Lugano city before heading to a final destination, Fox Town. More shopping but no photos, except 1 shot while waiting for Zuri to complete her shopping list. P/s: I was too sober (not able to shop any longer) to take photos at that juncture.

We travelled down from Lugano to Fox Town Factory Stores in Mendrisio, still in Canton Ticino for another 20km drive. By 3.30pm we arrived and staredt hunting for another shopping spree. The prices for branded items are much reasonable in the outlets with discounted rates, ranges between 30% to 70%. There are more than 100 over stores available including famous branded boutiques, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burbery, Armani etc etc. I was drowning and exhausted by the time we left the place. All money gone astray :( Tips: Do not carry your credit card to places like this.

My first Bally heels, still very good.

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