Monday, September 30, 2013

Arbitration Award

I got mail in my inbox office email ID this morning. It's from our lawyer in Karachi with a very short notes saying "FYI. Congratulations." He forward an attachment, "AWARD" from the learned Arbitrator for the case that we pursuit since my demobilization back to the headquarters from Karachi Office, i.e. 2010. 

Hearing in June 2013

My heart beats with the good news and my eyes moist. After 3 years of a hard works, numerous trips back trying all routes (courts, settlement talks, arbitration), now, we have a positive award in our hand. Next is to enforce the award into monetary values. May God grant us a smooth last transaction in getting our claims through.

Cross-examination in a private meeting room of KCDR 

Alhamdulillah, we have a good and committed law firm headed by the most genius and sharp lawyer that I've ever dealt with. He's blunt, hot headed, outspoken and always give me a stern look "don't you dare to waste my time". Whenever we arrange for the meeting, all question must be clearly stated because he does not even want us to waste our money too as much as he does not want we waste his time. 

1 of the visit to the lawyer's office in May 2013

Unfortunately that he did not represent us for the hearing but assigned another who is easy and willing to adopt our briefing and ideas for preparation of case statement, cross examination and final delivery in front of the learned Arbitrator.

Our senior counsel who brought the case up to the Arbitrator, a big thank you!

Arbitration is a private and expensive proceeding supposedly to be faster than a normal litigation in usual house of law. While in dispute, most people had to que up in courts to get the judge to hear the matter. I was lucky to attend 1 of the court hearing and able to sit in the bench to see the process. It was in June 2013 that I was in Karachi High Court and illegally took 2 pictures, shared below. 

High Court hearing day - Summer 2013

It was in summer where's the court took a summer break but allows only urgent cases to be heard. The court languages are mixes, Urdu and English, hence, it was a fun trying to understand the disputes during the debates among the solicitors and the judge. 

Karachi High Court
Most of the high courts building complex that I've seen seated in a nice grandeur building. The High Court of Sindh, built in 1923 is the same. Taking photography inside is forbidden but I hope, few will mean no harms.

Chai break at High Court cafeteria
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