Saturday, May 11, 2013

Karachi - Dreamworld, Part 2

Vacation date: 30th November 2009

After the slides section, we moved on to the Dreamworld beach. It was an artificial man made beach where the source of water was by drilling from the underground using an advanced mechanical system. The whole M&E parts was design by Mr Kazmi, you may see him in my previous entry, "International Consultant".

For some reason, they did not really enjoy the section so much, after a while in the beaches they came out and asked us to move on to the next section, boating. In fact, I suspected that because in Malaysia, our sandy natural beaches are much better comparison to the artificial one.

At the same time, Zara, a baby was having a constipation issue. The parent was sweating while we were watching with a sink heart hearing her out loud crying to ease her pain while trying to push the solid harder and harder from the blockage. Finally, very little came out and she drowsed to sleep.

The water is quite shallow in the boating lakes. Nobody knew it till Syahirah was trying a canoe. The kids was about to begin their races with the chosen partner in below photo, which according to them was an equal and fair partners.

Testing the water and the speed while laughing before the race begun.

Here they are, about to start the race.

Correcting the spinning.

Ops, didn't know how it was happened. The depth of the water tested at the middle of the lakes.

The winner takes it all.

After short break from the contest, they tried the canoe. The sun gets very hot by the time they finished the canoe.

Thereafter, we moved on to the next sections and peek inside the indoor games which has a very nice bowling alley, pool tables, etc.

We spent quite sometimes trying the bump car, each were given 2 times ride by the worker. It was fun watching the guys on the wheel.

Times to take Zara for a swing and a little fun.

Final games the boys tried on, archery which were just the way to our chalet accommodation near the slides and the restaurant.

To be continued...
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