Saturday, May 11, 2013

Karachi - Dreamworld, Final Part

Checked in : 29th November 2009
Checked out : 30th November 2009

The final part of this entry is an exclusive record for our 2 family. We remain a family of 6 but they have grown from a family of 3 to a family of 5. How times fly and distance can create a difference. In 2010, we shifted back to Malaysia whilst they moved to Islamabad and recently to Jakarta. We hope, 1 day we would be able to reunite and arranged a trip like this again.

It took a while to pack, get ready for check out, had lunch and get everyone in a car to go back to Karachi. It's a little tougher for a family with little baby but ours, not so. We waited at the chalet cosy reception area.

But for someone, they don't yet have enough with playing. Nasrul at the age of 11.

We girls, went to check baby Zara then. She was ready and smiling widely to us but we smiled to the camera.

One last shot of the artificial beach from a far distance. A very pleasant view.

Best friend gave a final pose.

With our spouse too, 2 happy couples.

Baby for sale. This was taken while waiting for Nasrul's favourite dishes, Club Sandwich.

Happy family faces. We miss you.

And a happy couple. Happy mother's day to me, 12th May 2013 and Happy Birthday to my beloved, 11th May 2013. Love you always.

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