Monday, March 21, 2016

Helsinki - It's all Salmon for lunch

Date: 20th October 2015

We both have aimed to have lunch at the Market Square food stall. We decided that when we passed by the food section on our way to get to Fortress Suomenlinna. We targeted that we could finish with necessary sightseeing inside the fortress and would be back to the main land in time to enjoy a good local lunch here. Everything seems to be edible to a Muslim since what we saw was all fish and veggies. Nothing to worry about, a halal local meal.

Salmon has been my favorite food since long time, especially when it is still raw. I'm a huge fan of Japanese sashimi where salmon and tuna are the 2 fish that I would aim whenever I had sashimi for my meal in any Japanese restaurant. Salmon is very cheap in the Scandinavian country as these are their origins. If Japanese had sashimi  in their plate, the Scandinavian people are proud of their herring and I am lucky being able to savor both of the meals thus far.

There were many tourist enjoying the set meal of Euro6.98 beside us 2 that day. We decided not to be so greedy and agreed to sharing the soup and all the seafood platter that can be seen in below photo. It came with coffee. The taste is not as important as having to satisfy your empty tummy with a halal meal. We, Asian usually have lots of chilies in our meal for a spicy taste. It is much different with what the locals prepared their meal, the amount of spicy taste came from black pepper.  

The tent reminded me so much of the street hawker stall in Seoul. They had the same similar tent that protect the customer and the meal from the harsh cold wind. Admittedly, I was thinking of kimchi soup while having a healthy salmon soup. Birds flew in to join their share of the meals. They are freely to sit wherever they wanted too. I wish to recommend that you try the affordable lunch break at the market square should you be in town. No harm trying a new thing in different part of the world, right?

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