Monday, September 14, 2015

Farewell lunch with Nazhif at Ichiban Boshi

Nazhif is taking a morning flight today to Glasgow to pursue his study in Mechanical Engineering. He will be there, in University of Glasgow for 4 years. Yesterday was his last day at home, hence we spent the last day by taking him out to Pavilion for lunch and a quick shopping for Naim. Pavilion is our family favourite place to hang out, where we mostly there for food.

Nazhif's choice "Sushi Moria Take"
Initially we were heading towards Kuala Lumpur City for another favorite restaurant of ours, Korean's BBQ and lots of kimchis in "Kung Jung". It was too bad as the restaurant is closed on Sunday. Thereafter, we tried a Korean Village in Ampang whereby most of Korean restaurants and groceries can be found. The village is more or less stood as a mini Korean town. Sadly, the only halal restaurant was closed, leaving us so frustrated to the fact that why oh why it's difficult for us to enjoy a nice halal ingredient Korean foods in Kuala Lumpur. I sighed heavily with no words to utter my disappointment.

My son turn part time model Naim pose with a beautiful plate that I admire, his vape and wasabi
We then decided to turn back to Pavilion but as soon as we arrived in Pavilion, we changed our mind from having a Korean meal to Japanese meal. We found a restaurant name "Ichiban Boshi" located at Ground Floor (shop locater 1.40.00). Apparently Ichiban Boshi is another International Food outlet existed not only in Malaysia but also in our neighbor country, Singapore as well as in Australia. This place offering an authentic Japanese meals, all sorts, to be precise about for those who crave for sushi, udon, raw fish sashimi (my favourite), cawan mushi etc etc.

The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The supervisor's in-charge even offering his help to snap the above photo when he saw we started snapping food photo. In return, we told him that we were there for a farewell lunch as someone is leaving soon. Argh you might wondering where is my husband. He was fighting at the tennis court since Saturday (clay court we were told), battling for his semi final. When we return home, we saw he brought back 2 Wilson sports sandal for winning in the semi final game. He lost in a final match anyway. 

Chef's and my recommendation "Salmon Belly Shio"
Nasrul opted for a chicken menu (he always prefer chicken than seafood or beef) whilst Syahirah was having Gyoza Udon due to her fever. She was not feeling well the whole day and was laying down in a cozy restaurant while waiting for our meal to arrive. The ambiance and the whole decoration is a real Japanese restaurant typical clean look. It compliment the whole mood and the meal that we opted. 

Chix Katsu Toji was Nasrul's choice
After we have cleared the food that we ordered, we went to look for Timberland shoes but none is to Naim's taste. At his request, we agreed to head towards Lot 10 Shopping centre for more shopping in H&M outlet. Passing through the now famous Jalan Bukit Bintang has brought so much old memory to me. The old Jalan Bukit Bintang has been revamp into something so very much different look from what we used to see 20 years ago. You may click the link that I shared in above line to see what is Jalan Bukit Bintang has to offer, especially after dawn. It was told that the choice of nightlife in here is endless. After dak entertainment is what Jalan Bukit Bintang street is famous about. It mean that they hosting a unique themed nights including live bands.   .

What happened in H&M fitting room ... max boredom
The street become lively when the evening is approaching. This is the place where the foreigner, i.e. the tourist favorite spot, especially to the Arabs. The street is surrounded with high end shopping mall, i,e, Pavilion, Lot 10, Starhill and Bukit Bintang. Most of the award winning lounges, karakoe centres, rooftop nightclubs may be found within the neighborhood. For those living outside Malaysia may find the link helpful to decide where to stay, what to buy and what to do when in Kuala Lumpur, my lovely city.

Someone was so kind to treat a Korean ice-cream to his sibling. Guess who?

Jalan Bukit Bintang walkway street view
It was passed 6.30pm when we decided to have some donuts takeaway at Jco where I snapped below photo and called it off. Later that night, we went to Aliff Bistro for mama's food.

Last stop for Donuts takeaway, Indonesian donuts franchise outlet
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