Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A busy month - August 2015

August was always a craziest month ever since I took up a Jurisprudence reading in University Malaya. The exam is scheduled in August last year, this year and 2 more years to come, I hope. There's 5 law papers that I took this year, hoping to pass all. With 4 papers passed on during last year exam (1 compulsory university paper and 3 law papers), I was hoping and pray like anything for me not to resit any of 5 that I sat this year. Please Almighty, pardon my sin, answer my prayer, let me just passed, especially the Land Law. Doesn't matter if  Datin Grace and Miss Sik gave me the lowest passing mark, as long as I don't have to repeat their Land law subject. Majority of my colleague was sighing as soon as we finished exam that day sharing similar thought that we all shall need to resit. It was really really tough. It saddened me the whole weekend.  

The cake came when I least expected it.. a surprise birthday party at home while studying leave me speechless!

I did not socialize much for the last 2 years and did no plan to change that mode for the rest of my life, I would think. I have aged much. And despite last Thursday feeling of giving-up reading law, there is something that I cannot deny, Law and me are inseparable. Reading the case law, trying to sit where the judges sit beguile my inner feeling, just the way how I felt when I read the Holy Quran. Judges usually will not take sides, they based their judgement based on law of conscience, just and fairness. It was a similar teaching of the Holy book descended down from Allah since prophet Adam throughout all the prophets till prophet Muhammad. I am simply bless being able to enlighten my knowledge in both subjects.

By the way, 16th August 2015 was my 49th birthday and 17th was Naim's 20th birthday. As I was engrossed with books and revision, I have assigned Nazhif to buy 2 cakes and groceries to be send to the needy home. So I thought the orphans, whoever they are would be enjoying the cakes on Naim and my behalf. But Allah has given me even more ... Nazhif has planned with his father to buy me a meaningful cake and a Domino pizza to celebrate that night. Allah has paid my kind thought for the orphans right on the spot. I indeed felt very much bless with Allah kindness for all the luxury thing that I enjoyed thus far. How could one not be able to appreciate? So, dear Allah, I made a vow to you that I will spend the rest of my life seeking forgiveness for all my sins ever since I was able to start hurting my parents, my siblings, my friends, my relatives and all acquaintances till the day Your call has arrived. Please allow me to enjoy the sorrow as it is too little as compared with what you have given me despite my sins...  

I was at this spot for almost 3 weeks
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