Friday, September 18, 2015

Cameron Highland - Mossy Forest

Date of visit: 20th February 2015

Malaysia is indeed having quite a numerous places of attractions to visits. It doesn't matter whether you who love natures or seek for modern creatures, are most welcome to my country to see for yourselves. Mossy forest in Cameron is one of the many things that I didn’t know existed in my beloved country, worth the visit. I discovered about these beautiful nature when my ex-Karachi buddy who happened to explore the jungle shared her trips photo on her Facebook. During Chinese New Year long break this year, I forced everyone to go for family vacation in Cameron Highland. However, not all could follow, hubby had his tennis matches whilst Naim was in Penang Island with his group buddy.

Nasrul in Mossy jungle with all foreigners
Seeing this greenery space outer world made it worth the trip
We drove all the way from Kuala Lumpur on Chinese New Year eve and stayed over for 1 night in Century Pines Resort. Four of us were having a nice CNY dinner in Rosette Cafe. It was a wonderful, wonderful trip though 2 of my family member were missing. I get the hotel we stayed at to book for a day tour covering most of Cameron’s attraction, which include a visit to Mossy Forest. To my disappointment, the guide took us there for short time as compared to what my friend has discovered while jungle trekking, solely a full day surrounded with only mossy environment. You may see how happy she was in below photo. I must go again, I mean during next time to explore on full adventure in mossy forest by hiking. Any volunteer???

Madame Tham & husband, both my ex-buddy in Karachi
This boy looks very happy that day, I'm truly blessed
The mossy forest is a natural environment that grows not only at the highest elevations of Cameron Highlands but at any other mountain ranges across Malaysia. At such heights, low level clouds in the sky driven by winds, blanket the forests with constant mist and moisture - creating an ideal biotope for moss, ferns, lichen and orchids. You may view what it meant from my shared photo in this entry. This moist tropical evergreen forest is also a rich repository for a varied set of montane creatures, encompassing insects, snakes, frogs, birds and mammals unique to this chilly atmosphere. Visitors can explore the mossy forest through a boardwalk 2km before the peak of Gunung Brinchang, beginning from a clearing along the main road. The driver took us all the way up in the van using the only available winding and narrow road built by the State Government. 

Bukit Brinchang route to reach Mossy Forest
Take notice of the beautiful pitcher plant

The series of wooden platforms winds for about 150m through the mossy forest, but is slippery when wet, though there are rope railings for a light measure of safety. In this chilly environment, stunted stumps, wrinkled leaves and gnarled branches of oak trees clump together, forming dense crowns that portrude furiously from the ground like mushrooms. We were lucky as our driver cum guide has took us to the highest point to enjoy the top scenery where the authority provide a small place for tourist to snap photos. One of the American boy took my photo, below.

Once inside the forest, take time to look around you carefully, observe the rich layers of moss that drape the tree trunks and butteresses, infusing them with a soft, green appearance. Meanwhile, vines, orchids, pitcher plants and other fascinating epiphytes (a plant that grows on another plant) hang loosely from the canopy, perched silently on branches and stems in this chillingly quiet labyrinth. It gives you a feeling as you were in a movie Avatar. Venturing below the boardwalk, you must carefully watch over your step on the forest floor. You will soon discover its moist peat-like texture, each step leaving deep water-filled imprints on the soil. At the end of the walk, a trail starts towards Gunung Irau, the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands.

Yes, Nazhif was following us too

A proper trail for jungle trekking is vide Gunung Irau which route I shall seriously follow if I am permitted by the Almighty (meaning health, company etc) to venture the nature in full blast in the future. As the tour was really short due to the fact that we have many than 1 place to cover, I was forced to leave these beautiful, cozy jungle by asking Nazhif to snap my photo imitating Jane of the Jungle... LOL!

Thank you for reading. I must say that a visit to this Mossy Forest is a must. It's worth your effort, time and money.
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