Saturday, December 13, 2014

100 Days of Happiness - Day 11 to 20

This is the 2nd part of 100 Days of Happiness project. You may read the 1st part in here, Day 1 to 10. On 14th November 2014, I chose Kayla and the climbing plant that hubby was planting behind our RC Wall Bungalow as my object. She (Kayla) refused to get out from her hiding spot whenever she got a chance to get out from the house. My day 11 of happiness are all about her and how I pictured in my head those green climbing plant that will someday growth well covering about 5ft height of 114ft length the RC wall of our bungalow plot in Bandar Sg Long. The Justine Timeberlake quote that came with the photo was "the best part about being alone is that you really don't have to answer to anybody. You do what you want", hence, hide yourself away sometimes as having a deeper conversation with yourself is the best way to sense happiness while on hideouts".

Day 12 of happiness: "nothing else to add, if you are this wise, my son, your mother would be more than happy to share your wisdom #Repost from @muhammadnaimm with @repostapp---"As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love". On 17th November, my second son, Naim has shared the above quote on his Instagram account. I wish to record that Naim has started earning some pocket money from his part time modelling. This boy uses his charm and his determination for body builder to become a businessman cum famous model 1 day as what he set his dream for. Seeing him becoming independence and wise brought so much joy to this proud mother.

Day 13 of happiness: creating green corner with glass & water plant for the consol table not to be lonely. Our Indonesian office cleaner was very kind to me. 1 day, she brought me 2 beautiful used vase that was thrown away by her another client. I was overly excited and was thinking to create a decor plant on the consol table that I brought back from Karachi. On 18th November, what I imagined whole day at the office came in reality. The 2 vase sits beautifully with the rest that I can grab from my store that evening. It brought so much joy and happiness to have a green corner at our dining area. In addition, it later becoming Kayla's and Tottie's favorite spot.

Day 14 of happiness: have anyone ever told you about silver lining in every clouds? I spotted 1 yesterday. Let's not let loose of any hopes during a rainy day, okay. I was not feeling well on 19th November due to extra ordinary flow of my monthly menstrual, so, I was on a sick leave on 20th. Later in the afternoon, I accompanied my daughter to look for job in "The Mines Shopping Mall". It was a bless day as the next day, she got to be interviewed and was informed that she got the job. Her good news was 1 of the promised silver lining as promised by Allah. I wish that I could share and tells everyone to keep the same faith and beliefs in their heart. Allah will never test a person if without a sweet rewards and perfectly knew whether we can take the burden or otherwise, hence, keep praying for yourself and for everyone else in this world to feel their happiness in their heart though in rainy days. Rest assured, after the rain, the silver lining will come to say hi to your face.

Day 15 of happiness: meet my beautiful friend, Jasmine who possess a heart of gold. That thank you kiss was for her being a wonderful friend, for listening to each other, for all the laughter & all those sweetest stories that we shared etc. Thank you for giving me so much happiness. Jasmine and I becoming good friends shortly after I was reporting back to IJM HQ in December 2012. There are many things that we like about each other, number 1, we never failed to compliment (SINCERELY without any hidden agenda) each other whenever we dress well. There's a lot of jokes between us. We shared tears too. BUT, we did not gossip about others, our friendship is about the 2 of us. Yesterday, 12th November 2014, Kim and her took me for my farewell lunch. We had a great 1.5 hours reminiscing things about our selves, and by the time we said good bye, we promised to meet again for a second lunch at the same place someday.

Day 16 of happiness: midnight "teh tarik" with family becoming a happy routine on weekend. Aliff Bistro seated not far from our house, open their business 24 hours a day. The foods and the ambiance are good. Surprising that we are not the only family there who like to spent time together at late hours. As Malaysia is a multi races country, there are plentiful of other Malay, Chinese and Indian family joining the crowds at at late hours. The scenario made me so proud of being Malaysian. How time flies and how people has change with times. Those days, we, a parent was worried sick when our boys "lepaking"at Mamak's stall till morning. Now, we know that they are simply enjoying their life here, not doing any negative things. 

Day 17 of happiness: reminiscing a meaningful gift from 2 dearest friends, Ainnie and Maznah. Though we have separated but our best memories stays forever . 3 of us, Ainnie, beloved Maznah who passed away 10 months ago, and I are exchanging many gifts between us during our togetherness. The yaasin booklet was distributed during Tahlil event held in Ainni's residence in Karachi way back in 2008 whilst the prayer mat been using my Maznah in her Karachi house. I took it back with me on their last day in Karachi, when I happened to be there. 6 years has gone by but this 2 gifts remain in my bedroom as their friendship sealed in my heart.   

Day 18 of happiness: Receiving a set of key accomplished 1 out of many goals/dreams in life. Nevertheless, must take note to work even harder for "after life" as once there it is for eternity, no return tickets. It was a joyful day when I got to see this set of keys to the condominium that I invested in 2011. The handing over keys to the purchasers took place after settlement of all outstanding amounts owing to the developer, IJM Land. Taking over those keys means additional burden to my bank account, but what life without those stressful commitment. Most important, live the day and just be happy. Things will take care by themselves, Amin.  

Day 19 of happiness: My shoes & my tottie are my happiness. don't know about others, but whenever I do not have so much money to spent I would be craving for things that I do not actually need. Shoes is one of them though I would want to buy branded handbags every month if I could afford. The day that the crave and the craze seeping though my mind, I took out 1/10 of my shoes collection that was inside the shoe cabinet placed next to Tottie and snapped below photo (who did not move even an inch through the whole process because of his laziness). I smiled with satisfaction when those evil thoughts slowly disappeared. It's proven that I can be happy with what I have though I would not be able to waste my money on more shoes at the shopping mall.  

Day 20 of happiness: This man who only sang 1 song for his girl "everything I do I do it for you" complete me, my true happiness though there's a moment of despair. Let's hold on to love. My husband is not my first love, but we have been married for almost 24 years. During my early blogging, it took me many months to post the entry, "how much can you love a man?". Recently, a thunderstorm hit my head of how lucky I am to him as he is to me that we hold strongly to our marriage despite of having so many tests during that 24 years. He is the one (likewise) after going through so much rainy and sunny days. Love will concur all. He is my happiness.

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