Thursday, November 20, 2014

100 Days of Happiness - Day 1 to 10

On 1st November 2014, the idea pop out from nowhere for me to commence a 100 days of Happiness project. Honestly, I have run out all of my cash money (considering my long time savings) for the house construction, hence I'm poor (not pauper as yet). What I discovered thereafter is that; money does not necessary gave me happiness as when I have lots of them, it made me a stingy person. When it's gone, I discovered so many other things to be happy about even without the money. In other words, happiness doesn't cost me a cents, I just need to open up my eyes and feel it. So, I spontaneously wishes to record those daily happiness that I encountered in my Instagram as well as Facebook, hoping to keep a positive vibes all around me. After every 10 days of the said happiness, I shall record them in my blog. This being the first.

Day 1 of happiness: "indulge in Freemori Mille Danish layer bread & Marble Milk while dreaming of having own bakery". Later, I came to know about sweet story of this Malaysian cake manufacturer "Freemori", their link is shared here, "freemori brand-story". The card that catches my attention most was this 1 "If you wished, and if you were sad, you could simply jump into a hole in the tree and all of your sorrows would disappear immediately, of course your happy memory would be gone too". As when I cherished a moment in Freemori nice decoration bakery so much that morning to get bread for breakfast, it has inspire me to dream of having a little corner bakery at my new house soon.  Baking is an enjoyable thing that any women can indulge at, beside indulging in a cakes, breads, cookies etc etc. I'm so adamant that this dream of mine will come true 1 day.

Nowhere or now here, crimson lake is weaving a web, at the moment, it dissolved into memory and never to be forgotten. Tonight, Angels float in the sky , follow the moonlight, enjoy the secrets and happiness of Freemori that was what written on their shopper bag.

Day 2 of happiness: "scrubbing a toilet till sparkling indeed shine a day". It was Sunday morning that I picked up the tiles scrub and started cleaning the toilet, a routine task which I added more happiness into it. The outcome results and feeling thereafter was even more meaningful and wonderful, being able to appreciate a use inside a spot clean toilet. The amount that I paid for the scrub, RM4.80 return so much benefit and happiness.

Day 3 of happiness: "Say a little prayer with this Apple boy for his big day, so calm, so at peace ... Wish you luck son, love you unconditionally". It was the first day of SPM's examination (Secondary School Final Exam that qualifies teenager to enter colleges/universities in Malaysia), 3rd November 2014. My youngest son, Nasrul is sitting for his big exam which shall be completed by next week. Looking how nervous he was for the last few days in preparing the exams, he and I recited prayers on the way to school that morning. He is the last children finishing school in our family and is a great achievement to a parents, hence a priceless happiness to me as a mother. Deep inside, I knew that this boy will keep kissing my faces and loving me unconditionally till he has his own family, i.e. forever in his life he keeps me special.

Day 4 of happiness: "listening to a silly jokes on radio do keep a stress away, heighten a spirit, balance d intelligence & insanity. Yet, 1 can gain so much wisdom from d radio/dvd player while on the road. Manage your time wisely. Once taken, it won't be return". This message was what I repeated to myself and no harm sharing it with others. Everyday on my way to and back from work, while on the roads, 1 hour in morning and 1 hour later in the afternoon, I use my time well. I will listen to a good programme, worth listening, gaining knowledge from the radio. I recites dhikr following dhikr CD by playing it daily on a DVD player. Listening to good music and silly jokes really push away all the stress. In addition it balance my mind. 

Day 5 of happiness: "coming home safely to this bundle of joy is a great gift". I could never be able to thank Allah for keeping me safe while I was out to work, especially while travelling on road. Everyday, I feel bless for reaching home safely, seeing my family including our beloved hopeless cat, Tottie. Though being lazy, this boy grew bigger and heavier each day by eating and sleeping, doing nothing. The way he follows hubby around in the house is so so pretty sight to watch. He is a God sent. There's so much happiness in our house. We treat our children's (including a hairy 1) as friends and made them understand the meaning of teamwork and togetherness.

Day 6 of happiness: "sing along with coldplay "the scientist". Alas, I'm saying good night now, sweet dreams all". There's no time spent wasted, daily. I always have my McBook Air with me, it is so light to carry, becoming my best friend. Everyday I will check my blog review, sing a long with youtube, search knowledge from Wikipedia, check friends update on Facebook, watching Korean Drama and selected movie, so on and so forth. There's no empty space, always accompanied myself seeking new things daily. Staying home all day, all month, all year is never a lonely thing to do. Home is a place where I can be myself, my heaven on earth.  

Day 7 of happiness: "suffice to share the joy that brought smiles to those 3 faces. Happiness is a subjective matter, it has to come sincerely from inside. Dalai Lama was quote saying that "happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions". Happiness depends upon ourselves, added Aristotle". It was on 8th November 2014 when I first started classes for Year 2 in University Malaya. Coincidentally it was GMI (German-Malaysian Institute) convocation day where my son, Nazhif was specially invited to be a recipient for Semester 4 @ Year 2 Academic Excellence. I could not attend because of the class, but my daughter went on my behalf. It was a glorious day for the 3 of them. Seeing their happy faces on the photo brought so much happiness to me. 

Day 8 of happiness: "an amazing feeling when this girl decided to become a very close companion. She changed herself from a loner to an affectionate cat. Hence, brushing her thick fur & rough massage which we both enjoy becoming a happy daily routine. A mere thought, "if animal can change, why can't we?" So stop from being judgemental to others as no one and no one is perfect. Peace". Kayla, a female Persian cat belonging to a friend was with us since August 2013. When she first came, she's a loner, never wanted us to touch her or friendly with anyone. As time passes by, this girl chose me. She came closer and loves when I brushes her fur. She even kisses my face these days and choose to stay next to my bed, close to me while I was busy with my McBook. I'm so thankful to her owner for letting her stay with me as she and I have a special feeling, name LOVE.

Day 9 of happiness: "it's wonderful to have many girlfriends who gave comfort at a time of sadness and brighten up my day with their words of encouragement. Love all of my beautiful girlfriends to the moon & back". Year 1 result finally came out. I was devastated when I failed Contract Law, being a Contract Manager myself. What went wrong? It was on 12th November 2014 and I was sharing it with my close girlfriends on a group whatsapp. Apparently I have close to 10 girlfriends, not 1 or 2. It means, I have so much comforts which I can rely on during sunny and rainy days. I am indeed a lucky person in the whole milky way. I've been blessed with so many beautiful thing in this life. Thank you Allah, Alhamdulillah for all the things that You have granted me in this life. I am greatly indebted to You forever, I promise you I will remember that, always.

Day 10 of happiness: "received a small token for writing about velvet shoes and wisely spent it on made my day". It's a first step to earn a token, i.e. income from blogging. Out of nowhere, Aini from Zalora has read my blog that received so many likes, Paris, Musee de Louvre. She left message whether I would like to collaborate with them, and I said yes. The next day I posted it and received my token. A day later, I shop online with a given voucher and immediately received the good on Friday, 14th November 2014. It seems only good things happening as I only see happiness in everything everyday.

So trust me dear reader, keep the positive minds and attitudes around you as you will be rewarded well by everyone, especially by the Almighty. I could never be able to thank Allah enough for what I gain though I sin a lot. He knew it but He still reward me. Keep your faith intact, because God is watching after ALL of US, not only me.

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