Sunday, September 21, 2014

Salzburg - Indian Food for lunch at Taj Mahal Restaurant

Date: 13th April 2014

Anne has searched the halal food restaurant from the website for our Europe trip. I did nothing on that chapter. She chose "Restorante Pizzeria Beccofino" located in Bayerhamerstrabe street, which is about 10 minutes walk from our hotel, Star Inn. It is a halal Italian Restaurant where we can get cheap pizza, according to Anne. 

Under a gloomy weather, the walk along the empty street (due to Sunday) was rather a pleasant thing to do. We were hungry after a visit to the old city part of Salzburg where we had covered the cathedral and the castle fortress. Without much problem, we found the street but it was unfortunate that the restaurant was closed on Sunday. We gazed around and spotted the Taj Mahal Restaurant seated across the street. You may find further details about the place from their website, Restaurant Taj Mahal.  

We reached the restaurant at around 1 noon that day, right before their lunch closing time. Apparently their business hours are a bit strange, it's open from 11.30am till 2pm (to serve lunch) and later in the evening from 5.30pm till 10.30pm (for dinner). They only close on Monday but choose to operate even on Public Holidays and Weekends. From the website, they have stated that they serve "Halal Meat" which they found at a Sazlburg muslim butchery. But the main attraction that I found in here is they serve "Jain Food", for both meat eater and vegan.

I must say that we have a great time here as the food that brought to our table tastes 100% pure original Indian food (the chefs are brought from India). The owner is an Indian (from India) who is very friendly to share his story about how he started his business and his obstacles to satisfy his clients vis-a-vis comments that he received on the website review. At this point, I wish I could say that everybody in this world has been tested by God to a test that we can handle. Nothing comes easy in life. The sweet can be tasted after an amount sweat of works.

Anne was so hungry to share her meal. She chose Mutton Biryani and the rest of us had shared Mixed Sabzee (assorted vegetables cooked with onion and curds) served with plain rice and my favorite capati (plain wheat bread). We had mango lassi and spice tea which is so so awesome. These are the usual foods that I enjoy during my 2 years working tenure in India.

Beside the foods, the ambience of the restaurant and a friendly owner made you want to conclude a 5 star treatment received in here. In addition, the decorations are heavily decorated in a pure Indian style  where most of the things are brought from the owner home land country. He has allowed us to offer prayer at the corner of his beautiful restaurant. We were truly touch with his kind gesture. 

Mango Lassi

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