Sunday, December 8, 2013

Breakfast in bed

My son Nasrul wakes up very early this morning as he had hours of an afternoon nap yesterday. He asked for breakfast when I checked on him after I finished my morning chores, hanging the laundry. And I said "I want you to prepare breakfast for me instead, son". It was before 7.15am in the morning.

3 slices of toast bread, means more to this poor mother :)
I made a coffee and stays in bed finishing the last episode of Korean drama, "Incarnation of Money". Kayla (our beautiful female Persian Cat) came for attention and left after I gave her body massages and scratches. Shortly after Nasrul came while hugging Tottie. His mother repeated her request for breakfast at 8.45am.

The Heirs, Episode 18
To my surprise, he handed a plate of roasted bread for his mother at 9am. Argh… It made my day. Thank you son, I hereby recorded you kind effort in this blog entry so your future kids would be able to see how their father at 16 years of age manage to put up an effort to make his beloved mother so happy.

Kayla and Tottie wishes you all a very blissful Sunday morning. The end!

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