Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fly to Jakarta with KLM

Arrival: 16th December 2013
Departure: 24th December 2013

It was the first time we booked and fly with KLM  Royal Dutch Airline. KLM is a short form of Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V., the flag carrier from Netherlands. The airline offered the cheapest rate in comparing with our low rate carrier, Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines to Jakarta as they dropping off passengers at Kuala Lumpur before proceeding the last stop in Jakarta. We flew with aircraft Boeing 777-300 ER on 16th December 2013.

The booking was made and confirmed on 17th October 2013 when Nazhif's final exam schedule was  not even out. Unfortunately the ticket clashes with his last paper at 2.30pm on 17th December 2013, hence, we had to change his flight to 18th December 2013. Naim has to accompany him which allows him attending few more days classes in MSU. It's difficult nowadays to plan a family vacation when the children's are already in their college year, except for Nasrul. The fare for all six of us is reasonably cheap at RM2,178.

2 check-in and 1 cabin baggages for 9 days vacation
With the e-ticket in hand, we went ahead to self check-in machine placed right in front of a usual check-in counter (J is for other airlines including KLM) by Malaysia Airport Berhad. Thereafter, baggages for check-in will be drop off at the dedicated check-in counter.

Queu for baggage drop after self check-in
Off we go to gate C02 on the main terminal at 3.45pm. We thought of having our late lunch there but time was not permitted for us to do so. We ended having a vegetarian snacks on the plane serves by KLM steward. KLIA is pretty much quite if to compare to their old glory days before Air Asia's existence in the industry. The airport is no longer as noisy as before. Maybe it is wise to go for merger like what KLM and Air France gone through in 2004. 

In Airport train to the main Terminal 

Syahirah posed with the unbelievable RM3,400 scotch whisky at the free duty shop.
Nazhif will pack his thing and hand over the place that he occupied in GMI hostel for the last 3 semester after his exam today. Next year until he completes his diploma (another 3 semester to go) he need to stay outside, being a senior himself. We left Rp1 million, their passport, e-ticket and cabin baggage for both of them to manage the airport hassle tomorrow. Hope all is well.

A-ticket, passport and Rp1 million cash for the 2 boys on 18th Dec. 2013

The plane departed KLIA to Jakarta at 1705 (5.05pm) and arrived 1810 (6.10pm) with an hour time difference. I watched in flight entertainment, "Les Miserable" during the short travel period just to kill time. Soekarno Hatta International Airport is not a modern airport like ours but it's very unique resembles a cultural Indonesian heritage. We paid Rp180,000 for a taxi to a hotel located in Mangga Dua area.

View from Economy class, seats 18

Beautiful lamp shades at arrival hall captivated my attention

Heading towards Immigration lanes

I shall continue with our proposed itinerary in this 9 day family vacation plan. Stay in touch!
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