Friday, June 16, 2017

Shifting time again ... sunset sunset

Date: 16th June 2017

It's time to shift to a final destination. Our bungalow is ready to be occupied. Its beauty is beyond words, according to our family (take note: beauty is a very subjective matter, the right of its beholder to state). The choice of external paint is rather rare. We were surprised at the very beginning but decided to stick on as it will remind us the colors of the sky. The house that we built based on our sweat and tears, pure from any insincere elements is worthy. It's pure love, duly designed by the 2 of us who has an equal shared of the construction cost. The house is ours and will be inherited by our beloved apple boy.

Leaving the Altitude 236 is a burden of heart, a sadness. We've been staying at this lovely condo since August 2016, almost a year. Even Kayla is very fond of the balcony where she usually chose to spend a night at. So, I thought of sharing numerous sunset views that I snapped once in a while when I was almost breathless looking at its stunning view. Yes, when Allah's naturally paint the blue sky into indescribable colors.

Latest sunset view

Almost pink colors

Yellowish a bit

Snapped behind the curtain

No more KL night city view

and KL's view at sunset

Future balcony to view the same timing of sunset but different place... and of course without KL city view :(
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