Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My CAT has arrived

Date: 7th June 2017

I may sound weird to many of you, but "I LOVE HEAVY MACHINES" so much. Working with this company has allowed me to purchase 8 units of them. All thanks to my most respected MD by a short-names of "DU". He has been supporting my cray for the earth dozing machines and even assisted me to buy 4 units of Caterpillar brand by interfering with the negotiations behind my back. I'm all but excited right now, over the moon when seeing the 2 CAT Dozers arrived at our project site in Shah Alam today. Had to blog this to record the moment!

That was the safety boot that I bought in November last year for work! I'm a truly CATwoman!

Rest assured, it's not easy to buy them. I have to learn all sorts of finance terms and calculations to convince our group CFO apart from going into very details Technical Specifications of each machinery in preparing the Technical assessment. Almost give up not to buy for any other projects anymore after countless proposal been rejected by him. Now, after seeing these babies working on preparing the building platform at the project, it has created a butterfly in my stomach again. I'm craving for more units in the future for our company.

Justifications (to comfort me and to convince my bosses) why do I need more machines is because I want our company profile looks better. Who knows, one day we could go listing. Wow, such humongous dream that I'm having. Anyway, please wish me luck. For the record I'm such a lucky and bless person, Alhamdulliah for blessing me each day ya Allah.

Remarks: 2 units of New Holland Backpusher, TS6.110 with 34" rear mining bucket will be arriving in August as they have no ready stock.

2 units of CAT D5R2 Track Type Tractor, a.k.a Bulldozer

CAT 320D2 GC Hydraulic Excavator

Caterpillar Excavator on loader, arrived on 31st May

2 units of Dynapac CA250D Vibratory Roller

DYNAPAC Compactor Roller first to arrive, on 26th May 2017

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