Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mecca - Visited Places

Date: 27th June till 6th July 2016

We left Medina on 27th June after Wida' (a simple ritual of saying farewell to Prophet Muhammad before leaving the Prophet's Mosque). My auntie gets a little bit emotional while standing in front of the Green Dome, saying her farewell to the Prophet, so much so that she scolded me from snapping too many photos. I didn't take it too seriously to her scolding as I understand her situation. She wasn't unsure whether she will have her opportunity to visit again. Anyhow, it was more or less 4 hours journey vide bus ride to reach Meca from Medina. We stopped at Bir Ali for Miqat (performing 2 rakaat sunnah's prayer while officially reciting our intent to perform Umrah thereafter - mandatory routine for Umrah).  

My first impression of Makkah Tower was of the Dajjal's eye seen from Lord of The Rings movie

Dear friends in Bir Ali Mosque

As we arrived at Mecca during Dhuhr praying time, the road to enter the great mosque has been blocked. The bus driver then took a turn to stop at a rather new mosque within the neighborhood for our Dhuhr prayer. When the traffic was open, we straightaway approached the hotel, Mira Ajyad to check-in. I helped my other roommates to push our luggage to the room. It was a call for prayer as soon as all of us settled down in a 4 shared bedroom. Everyone left to the mosque in a hurry. I was left alone performing at mosque courtyard on a hot marble floor. I prayed for assistance to enable me finding a cool spot somewhere inside facing the Kaaba so that I could finish the Holy Quran that I was recited since Ramadan begins. The help did come and I successfully achieved my mission. Later that night, a dedicated mutawif assisted me and those 4 dear friends of mine in performing our Umrah ritual of the following steps:-

Tawaf - circling the Kaaba 7 times in an anticlockwise direction while chanting series of prayers;
Sa'i - rapidly walking 7 times back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah; and
Halq or taqsir - shaving and/or cut some of the hair.

I was that close to Kaabah, on the very first day

Close look of the Kaaba's Cloak

Zahafiz, the tour agent has arranged for 3 visits during our stays in Mecca. I missed 1 visit as I was overslept. On 29th June, they took us for a trip to Jabal Thur, Arafah and Jabal Rahmah where I prayed so hard for Allah to bless Syahirah with her destined partner. Later I prayed for others too after being advised by a lovely elder friend who taught me to become a kind human species. And now, I included everyone's in all my prayers. We ended the visit by stopping at Jaaranah Mosque to have another Miqat for umrah when we got back. I was performing the second Umrah ritual for my late mother in law. We (my late mother in law in hereafter life and I) had our special moments especially during the Tawaf on 29th June. Such a beautiful and peaceful moment with her since her departure in 2005.

A mosque near Mount Thawr

Taneem Mosque from the highway

The visit that I missed was to Hudaibiyah held on 30th June but on the 2nd July, I was there with my group for a special tour to places where the Hajj will be performed. We started at Mount Arafat, a place where Prophet Muhammad delivered his last sermon in the year 632 AD. It was a place where the pilgrims come to seek Allah's forgiveness and to reaffirm their faith, in the zenith of the hajj rituals. Soon after, we took a round (unmoved from our seat in the bus) to the valley of Mina where Hajj pilgrims will take part in the 3 day stoning of 3 pillars representing the devil. Like the rest of those whom be called for Hajj, I too wishes to throw the stones at the Jamrah which symbolically to ward off my own temptations on this worldly life. We ended the visit that day at Tanaim's Mosque with its other name; Saiditina Aisyah for another Miqat and my last Umrah that I dedicated solely to my late mother. I was feeling sorry for my late father as I couldnt performed Umrah for him. But there will be a next trip I hope, InshaAllah, for me to do it for him.

In search for a spot for night prayers inside Mecca's new wing mosque

Beautiful Mosque snap inside the bus on the way to Mount Arafat

I wish to update, as I'm writing this entry, I have not yet received the call from Tabung Haji. Days ended very fast to me these day as the faster it goes the lesser my hope become. Honestly, the wait is too miserable and unbearably too painful. I had a feeling of rejection that I will not even entitle for a place in Heavan (Nauzibillahalazim... please forgive my word and rudeness ya Allah ya Rabb) BUT I know Allah only wants the best for me. I truly believe in His miracles descend on daily basis to me, yes, daily basis yet complaining. 

A drive through Mina Camps

Remarks: Today is the 12th day of fasting and I just finished reciting Surah Ibrahim, a key Prophet behind the construction of Kaaba. Happy fasting to everyone who is fasting.

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