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Nasrul's 19th Birthday at Chillis Suria KLCC

Event's date: 25th December 2016 (late post)

Nasrul came back the week of his birthday. Though he demanded for a Christmas tree after a long years not mentioning it and a gift to be placed under the tree, I didn't actually bother to entertain. We have been negotiating a lot about his birthday gift being 19. A week later, he won the negotiation but what the return promises that he obliged to do is even more priceless. He didn't say anything about the Christmas tree when he woke up in the morning and when he obediently followed us for a beautiful wedding at Cyberjaya. And seriously Cyberjaya is indeed a very beautiful place for a wedding. Further, it gave me a feeling of touring into a foreign city. No wonder both Putrajaya and Cyberjaya are places for tourist who visited Malaysia. After the wedding we went to check the household items we purchased at Harvey Norman in Damansara. That gamer sets in second photo was his motivation to buy when he started earning his own money. He said that, not me. Importantly I did not even want to promise people anything anymore these days, especially those price IT stuff.

Huge Christmas Tree at Suria KLL waterfront, snapped after dinner

After Harvey Norman, we went straight to KLCC for his birthday dinner in Chillis. Little did we know that our family’s most favourite place to hang out for special function, i.e. Chilli’s first location was opened in 1975 in Dallas. They started with their signature dishes of burgers, ribs and fajitas. No wonder we can’t resist of visiting again and again as they have created this restaurant as a place for their customers with the same mind-set. That is a place to hang out with good friends and family over for a foods and a drinks. Another interesting fact is that the first restaurant in Dallas was converted from a post office into a well famous restaurant named as Chili’s.

The birthday boy and the starter, Salads!

Weird choice of mine, a Salmon Steak which I ended not liking it that much

Chillis has grown widely since Dallas and claimed their place in the restaurant industries in many parts of the cities, including in Kuala Lumpur. Chillis restaurant can be found in 32 different countries where in Mexico, they have just recently celebrated their 20 years existence in the country. We’ve been at Chillis first outlet in KLCC since its opening and never failed to return frequently, usually for a steak and burgers. They have few outlet in Kuala Lumpur city, the first one is located on 3rd Floor Suria KLCC, another is a plot in G10 Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC), also at Lot G(E) Mid Valley and finally at Chitta Mall. Do drop by should you are happen to be in nearby areas.

Sirloin Steak for hubby

A chicken and ribs combo for birthday boy

We have that party dinner only the four of us whilst Naim was at that time having a blast Christmas vacation in Barcelona and Nazhif was taking a flight to London, thereafter a bus ride to Paris to meet Naim and his girlfriend Yaya. We met Syahirah in KLLC where she joined us straight from her work place. Good thing that the waiting time was not that long, usually lasted to 1 hour. It was just half an hour in our case. We bought a movie ticket, Assasin Creed to watch at TGV’s Cinema seated adjacent to Chillis after dinner. What a fine and convenience arrangement to celebrate one happy birthday dinner.

Syahirah finished only half of her rib's. The balance portion was taken away

Complimentary birthday cake from Chillis

The meal that we ordered are as what I shared in this entry. The price are equal to what other fine dining in the city. It cost us a few hundreds and a happy tummy. You may call first to book in other to shorten the queue time. Take note that all drinks are free refill. Enjoy!

Thank you son for bringing so much joy and contentment to me
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