Monday, January 23, 2017

A sinful week

Date: 21st January 2017

I was so looking forward for the weekend to come. Driving home everyday for the past 1 week was a bit painful as I was really sick since Monday till Friday. It started off with a running nose on Sunday afternoon but I thought it was alright to go to work on Monday. I paid a visit to the clinic as soon as it was open at 10.00am. I diligently took the medicines that the doctor prescribed without fail. She didn't gave me an antibiotic as the cold was rather new. She asked me to return if it's get worse, but I didn't had any spare time due to a series of meetings lasted till Thursday. By Friday my eyes are both red and hips aching due to coughing too much. Fever has totally stopped on 2nd day, proven that if a person can bring herself to the clinic, she could continue to work. There's no reason for Medical Certificate (MC) being issued. Anyway, it was me who refused the MC. Sinus occurred since Thursday, I guessed.

I waited until Saturday to visit my special doctor cum dermatologist. He straightaway can tell that I suffered from sinus infection and prescribed proper medicines (antibiotics, flu and cough pills that lasted for 5 days). In addition, he explained in details by showing charts of how the sinus occurred and the reasons why it took times for medicines to reach the affected area. Pretty simple actually, it was due to the smallest blood vessels channeling the blood circulation to the faces. Medicines were absorbed in parts where treatment is required through blood vessels. Sinus patient usually needed 5 to 14 days medication.

Pickup pages that was left abandon for sometime

Well, from Monday till Friday I've been committing lots of sins due to ignorant and the excuse of being sick. My brain couldn't work properly I guessed as I was simply saying or commenting or rather complaining to every single little thing without feeling guilty. Little did I know that I was so restless when I rest my head on the pillow each night. Lucky that I'm still alive the next day. Allah still given me opportunity to repent, to seek forgiveness. Alhamdulillah for all the blessings and the enlightenment.

In fact a sound heart has no doubts but when the heart is sick, the doubt started to appear. It what was usually happened, when one of those weird moment appeared you are just feeling restless and hopeless. At times, I was not cool as I was so down with uncertainty and started doubting Him. Faith is something very special. It involves your inner connection with the One you look at to, whichever Gods that you pray to. On the road to a permanent place (hereafter or life after death) one has to firstly purify their heart contently before seeking for a place in jannah (heaven). I plan my life according to what I want to be. Being a sinner all the time, along the way I couldn't help but sincerely admitted that Allah has given and has saved me most of the times. There's no need to repeat the sins again and again.

The saunas protruding in the view beneath, just outside my window. 

Well, just merely looking at the 2 photos that I'm sharing here in this entry. My condominium unit, MashAllah has been surrounded with only good views. These are the views from the master bedroom. The sun will set every evening from my window. The trees planted on the small hill adjacent to the building has a yellowish flowers, non-stop blooming that reminded me of spring season in a foreign country. How could I not feeling grateful with those gorgeous view. The sky is just as clear as the glass window that I managed to clean. So, I think I really should focus of having NO complaints to every little unimportant things and instead concentrating to purify my heart to enable me to feel the love, the compassion and the peace that comes within.

I shall pray for everyone to have the same blessings, happiness and wisdom! 
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