Monday, January 9, 2017

Hello 2017, Goodbye 2016

9th January 2017

I've been meaning to write this entry on new year day itself and attempted to do so on the 2nd day of 2017. But it was put on halt as nothing exciting came into mind. It seems to me that I wrote the same thing for the past new years, mainly on resolution and what I had achieved or been at before the year ended. Admittedly 2016 has been a busied yet exciting year for me. The company did so well with a turnover hit nearly RM0.7 Billion in just 10 months after re-activation. Take note, that I've been assigned by the group to run the company along with my other colleagues. As a result of that, bonus and increment that went into my bank account by year end seem unreal. It's too good to be true.

The 1st Instagram Photo shared in 2017

Amazingly, I surprised myself with a greater change instead. No matter how good the money is, i.e. in return of good KPI achievement, I am so cool with it, so content and so peaceful inside that made me feel unmoved with a materialistic world that came by. For example, I've been asking Allah to ease my bank's debt and monthly commitments. When the bank deducted 70% of my bonus for the condominium title (Lawyer's Bill for processing the Memorandum of Title with the Land Office), the unhappy feeling to see the money gone in split second does not prolong. Yet, I felt so much relieves. An uneasy feeling of paying the bank's advance payment to the respective lawyer in November has forever gone. The rest of the monies goes to the rightful people that Allah has guided me well how to spend them. MashAllah, the feeling of peace and blessed are so surreal each day. Knowing that there's a reasons why Allah has blessed you with good things in this life as whoever gets lucky like me is meant to pass those blessing down to others. Sharing is loving guys! When I said that I'm comparing that luck of mine verses how bad the economies are happening in many part of the world that affecting everyone in the industry. Businesses has been closed, people are losing job, genocide war and killings everywhere in the name of World New Order etc etc.

This "Apple" boy said he wishes to get Phd.. didn't I hear that correctly???

Moreover, my analyzing skills has improves into another next level. Whenever I hear a wise people advice something, a question related to that advice will emerges in my brain and my heart will straightaway gets the answer and/or reasoning, rather fine tuning. My heart and brain must have been working in sync perhaps. I noticed this happened to me after I returned from performing prayer where during a round of tawaf in Makkah I seek Allah's assistance for me to inherit a wisdom of Luqman (a wise man that is mentioned in Holy Quran, chapter 31.

Loves in the air.. I was wondering if it's okay if this couple officially tied a knot

Finally, yesterday's while watching a movie, I realized that the pain leaving this world and the loves one behind is unimaginable great. It's not as easy as one would perhaps thought. Therefore, do not be selfishly thinking that you may rest in peace when people that loves you crying and missing your presence and souls when you died. I've been selfish all this while, wanting to meet the Creator in peace and in contentment not knowing that those having a genuine loves toward me silently suffers.

So, before I pen off I wish to say that 2017 will be another great exciting year as I have 3 KPI's that I set upon for my work's PMS. My family and relatives are my focus moving forward beside focusing only to the One, the Omnipresence that has been protecting me from every angles, with left and right unseen protectors. I felt so much love and safer breathing these days due to that unconditional loves received. It is no longer important of whether or not I should receive more loves from others not related as I've been 24 hours has His love. 

May 2017 will brings you guys lots of achievement, a peace of hearts, enormous wisdom, loves, contentment and compassion. Happy new year!
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