Saturday, September 3, 2016

My siblings

I have just created a whatsapp group for my siblings. It was on 17th August, a day after my 50th birthday while my head was still cranky due to exam fever. Sigh. The exam .... well, 3 days has passed since I sat for the last paper on 30th August. Thereafter, 3 nights in a row I managed to sleep peacefully and a lot too and twice I woke up late for work. Sleep was hard since a month ago, but not anymore. Back to my siblings story. My younger brother that we called "Abe" means brother started sharing the old photos in the whatsapp group that he is still very fond of and we are all feeling so thankful for his sincere effort.

I think I was 12 or 11 in this photo snapped on Kak Nor's engagement day and Tie was still so very small

With our beloved Kak Rose who passed away on 12th February this year. This was snapped at Batu 26, along Jeli-Grik Highway where our late father was working on the road construction under JKR. 40 years ago, the Public Works Department were still delivering the job on their own, diligently, no privatisation. Batu 26, is located very far away in the jungle where our late parent were operating a canteen for JKR staffs as well as for the army who has been station somewhere near the road. 

My late mother, late Kak rose, late sister Nuraida, Tie, Abe and our neighbor were in this photo snapped in Base Camp where we resided for a long very time. Our father was the last group to leave the project highway team. In fact he was there until his retirement. He was involved in the highway maintenance and few other state road construction under JKR, including Jeli-Dabong road. While passing his retirement age time there, he managed to apply and obtain few plot of state land titles that 4 of us are enjoying now. Oh dear, my siblings and I had so much memories there.

2 families in a photo, i.e. with our neighbor next door. My late mother was younger than I am now at that time. Abe, who is number 8 in the family was still a baby when the photo was taken. Our late sister Eda, was born few years later and the last is Kime, our youngest brother. Both are not yet born at that time. Whenever I look at this photo, I've been reminded how much my parents love each other. The same kind of love that I have with hubby. 

With late Kak Rose in her school uniform. The last 2 siblings where still not born yet.

We really likes to take photos those days I guessed.. This was me and sister, Tie before school time.

With my late sister, Nuraida. I was already a teenager, fat and ugly when she's a toddler... hehe

At this time, late father has been enjoying his retirement age thus we permanently shifted to Bachok, a family house which was officially transferred to Kime, our youngest brother. The plot of land was a family resident's of our late mother side since generations. It was passed to her being a youngest in the family and she has been telling everyone when she was still alive that the house must be given to Kime, her beloved youngest boy. I guessed I've been looking up at my mother's all my life. I takes after her, I followed what she said and I also want to pass my house to my beloved youngest son, Nasrul. I had water in my eyes while writing this as I miss her so much ... It's enlightening knowing that there's not many more years for me to reunite with her in after life. She died when she was 62, which means another 12 more years if it was the same fate written on my life leaf at Lauf Mahfuz..

Well the 2 photos are the most recent that we snapped during Fatin's engagement day on 23rd July 2016. Fatin is my brother (no. 3 in the family) eldest children, the only girl in her family. Our 6 siblings reunited that day sharing our brother's joy of about to receive a foreign member into his family. As I'm writing this, I'm still waiting for Syahirah to introduce someone as her other half. This feeling of waiting, right know must be the same feeling how my late mother's felt when she was anxiously waiting for me to do the same, 26 years ago. So it's true, what comes round goes around.  

Only Kime was not on the photo, all 6 of us with the couple who got engaged on 23rd July
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