Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cooking Mode

Date: 4th September 2016

Ever since I shifted to this place, my kitchen has become alive with cooking activities. This advancement I hope, would be a new beginning to my cooking adventures. It is very important to stock lots of food in the fridge for those who are living in a condominium. It's a lot of hassle to go out buying foods as it takes all effort to take a lift down to a carpark, started a car and find a restaurant. Hence, cooking is much more convenience I guessed.

I wanted to buy a small waste bin to put next to the sink and 1 for my bedroom. At the same time, I was in desperate need for a wok, a frying fan. So, Nazhif accompanied me to Ikea Cheras yesterday after Zohor prayer. We first dropped Fidzril, his childhood friend who came to sleep over after their late regular hang out at Fatima Restaurant, or rather a "mamaks" in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. We spent nearly 2 and a half hours shopping inside Ikea. We had late lunch there too. You may see that both the wok and the waste bin are in the above photo. Notice the flower pot too? Yeah, was falling so deeply in love when I firs laid my eyes on them. It made Nazhif instantly said "just take it ma...", and I'm so happy that I did. It was a great buy. We bought a nice clothes hanger for Naim too though it's a bit pricey. But it doesn't matter as long as Naim would want to shift in too, as soon as possible I hope. 

Breakfast I made yesterday morning for Nazhif and his friend, Fidzril. It's been a very long years since I last made the french toast! Sigh, bad mother alert ... hehe

This grilled drumstick was for last week's lunch that le Hubs and Nazhif enjoyed much

Since Ikea Cheras is very close by to IJN (National Heart Institute), where a close relative of mine was warded in ICU for almost a month already, I decided to pay her a visit. It was bad of me for not visiting when everyone was worried sick about her recovery. My excuses was the exam. She was admitted earlier on in another private hospital for 2 weeks, i.e. on 16th July before being transferred to IJN for a tube  replacement. The tube was there when she first undergone a heart operation in 2000. It was time to replace, sadly was very late when they discovered it needed replacement.

Korean Ramyeon that I made for lunch last weekend

Seen her situation sicken me most. I couldn't control my tears. Lucky that her husband managed to cover the situation. I was alright only after her in-laws and her mother/siblings started to came in. They have been visiting her twice daily without fail. I promised her numerously that we will hang out just like our sons did after she has been discharged from the hospital. Indeed, a very positive persons like her deserves to be out from ICU as soon as possible. This lady has started asking for foods, which is great, showing her strong determination of recovering very fast.

The durian that hubby brought back from Karak was heavenly taste

Chicken soup with simple ingredients that I taught Nazhif 2 weeks ago

Well my apology as I got carried away a bit. The truth is, I have a lot to catch-up after a month of focusing or rather torturing myself into the laws examination. National Security Act 2016 is much more important than visiting a person on a high probability of dying on the operation table. In addition, I've skipped weddings invitation and eid gatherings just because sitting for my law paper matters more than anything else. To all my friends and relatives who might be reading this post, please understand my situation ya! Peace!

Recycle Starbucks bottled coffee drink that I use as Salt bottle. Bought another one for cumin powder and many more for spices collection 

For a time being the cooking that I started on is rather a simple dishes, using a simple and easiest to get ingredients mainly to teach Nazhif who will be flying back to Glasgow in a weeks time. I hope he would be able to enjoy cooking too as he said he would not be coming home for 2 years, at least until he obtain his Degree. After 16th September (a day he flew back), I would be concentrating on serious cooking for "FOOD" title category that I've created in this blog. Maybe I should include baking too. 

Foods from outside 

Well, there's so much recipe that I can try on so long that I put all my hearts into it. But, at the onset I must also pick-up a work backlog at the office. We have been awarded too many projects ever since we have done with licenses re-activation. You see, Allah has blessed me with so much and so many good things around me. Coming home to this beautiful condo has enlighten so much motivation and spirit to decorate. Finally, I wish to share some more photos that I snapped around the house as evidence of how much that I have move on in decorating. 

Favorite hang out place these days

That was another flower plant that I bought in Ikea, only RM7.90 excluding the pink pot holder

The rope for hanging clothes was purchased at Village Grocer, only RM3.50. The joy that this rope brought me into is even more priceless

Sigh, so happy now that this dining table where I used to study in the month of August is free from books. As of now, law books are forbidden from this area
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