Monday, September 5, 2016

Nasrul and his photography adventures

Nasrul my baby boy is going to be 19 soon. He is in his 2nd year in MSU and for this short semester he is taking photography class as one of the subject in Graphic Design studies. Both hubby and I are sharing the same fondness and had so much loves for whatever he achieved, no matter how small it is. He is our pride and joy, being the youngest, being our apple boy. No matter how tough is our problems, but whenever we saw him, our heart flutter like seeing the person that you are longing to see. We loves him unconditionally despite anything.

So today, when he sent me below 10 photos collection that he snapped during Malaysia independence day on 31st August 2016, I had to share them in my blog. His short message that came with the photos was rather short "Mama, look what I captured using your camera". Yes, he's been using my Nikon D80 DSLR camera since starting off his photography classes few months ago. I handed over everything, all lenses (long distance, tiger eyes etc) and the tripod which I hardly use. He was more than happy to accept them though he kept on resenting me last year when I wanted to pass on. The whole camera bag was almost missing in Langkawi airport when no one was bothered to pick up at immigration scanning table (hey hey a reminder for me to blog about Langkawi trip too). We only discovered it was missing when 1 of the immigration officer approached us asking whether or not we misplaced the camera bag pack. Everything inside was more than RM10 thousand, pity that it was not treasured by anyone. So, I wrote a thank you compliments to all immigration officers working there at that time.

But now, while writing this, I felt so much contentment that the investment is not wasted. Somebody in the family are sharing my passion in photography. Hopefully, he could make a career out of it although he still clueless of what occupation will he ended up at. As of now, both hubby and I are enjoying all his interest in playing piano, painting and photography. Hubby was even willing to buy him a new piano if he is really serious about playing. I was like .... "SERIOUSLY HUBS!!!". Nasrul is really being spoilt by not being a spoil brat.

Yes, it's true. Out of 4 children's, he is the only one who never ask for anything. When he was 17, an age to get a driving licence, he never bothered to apply for licence and ask for a car unlike the rest of his sibling. He never bothered too to buy a new clothes or asking for a branded shoes. He never ask for a birthday gift. In fact he never asked. I was the one who was busy buying thinking that he want s them, including the expensive iMac. He is fine with what Naim has chosen for him, including anything that Naim no longer wants, he takes it.  

The steel bridge

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