Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Well mannered boy in Starbuck

My sinus infection symptom seems to come back after few years of feeling cured. Would never thought that it return after going through 2 operations about 15 years ago. I came to know about it when I had a serious sinus infection fever that made the doctor prescribed a very strong antibiotics for 5 days last month. Due to a travel back to my hometown, eating so much foods during last weekend, I started to feel throat itchiness 2 nights ago. Yesterday, it gets very bad after we return from a site office for a meeting. Since I was busy, I thought of trying my own medicine, available in stock judging from what the doctor had advised a month ago. This morning, I went to see a doctor for a proper advised and medicine prescription.

4 shots of strong Americano and Croissant

After a serious discussion with the doctor, collected my medicine, I thought of having a strong coffee to boost my energy and grab a sandwich at Starbucks. The young boy, Naz greeted me with huge sincere smile. I was not in the mood of starting a conversation but this boy attempted one by asking "how was your morning, mam?". And I thought to myself, such a fine and well mannered boy. His mother has trained him well.

I : Look at my medicine, I just came back from seeing a doctor
He : Argh, I see, you went to Mediviron!
I : Yes, and how old are you?
He : I'm 17 mam, just finished my SPM
I : Oh, I see, my youngest boy is 18. So how was your result?
He : I obtained 4A, 3B, 2C
I : So, where are you planning to further your study
He : I'm waiting for a call from UiTM
I : Are you alone today?
He: No, there's another person beside me

We chatted for few minutes, while he prepared for my Americano and heat-up the croissant that I ordered. After that I wished him all good luck and headed back towards the office. I cant' help but wanting to write about him in my blog. He conversed very well in English though he is a Malay boy. Starbucks is among few places for teenagers, who after school or those waiting for permanent job to start a career with. It is a right place for someone who wants to build up their communication and public relation skills. Judging from few characters from candidates who turned up for interview at my office since the past few days, I felt that graduates should seriously train themselves in presenting themselves well when sitting in the interview room. Candidates are supposed to sell themselves and the interviewer like me, should only listen, form an opinion take risk and engaged a right candidate.

I pray there's a lot more good young boy outside who can bring proud to the Nations... we need you the future generations to lead the country well.  

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