Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy 25 Years Anniversary, dear Husband

Dear Husband,

Fate has brought you to me and we wedded on this date, 25 years ago. I have written before in this blog of how I met and married you, "the story of us - our wedding". And on our 19th wedding anniversary, about 6 years ago, I've written another entry about, "how much can you love a man". Admittedly, it was my life turning point where Allah has waken me up in beginning of 2012 to take a pause, re-accessed of what was the purpose of my existence in this life and repent. Allah has safe me from getting too far lost in the wild. To start with, He asked me to return to you. You were always there at the same spot, loving me unconditionally, supporting me without questioning of why oh why I made all those decisions, right or wrong. You held me onto you when I made error, when I was always in so much anger and insane mode due to my situation. 

We both knew of our opposite attraction before and after our love story was about to begin. But we both has been accepting and accommodating all our flaws and differences as we complete each other as one couple, a husband and a wife, lovers and true best friend for life in that way. These days, either you or I shall awaits for our return in the evening and the first person that we've seen in the morning. We shared almost everything without doubts, happiness, despair, agony, sickness and everything else for the matter. There were nights that we merely spent listening to songs, not talking, savoring peace in bed. Most important, we knew that there are things that we cannot take too deep to our heart as it was beyond our reach. We leave to God's will and love whilst wait patiently for the solution. It does came, the solution I mean. Like when he sent a buyer for this house that meet all our requirement.

Staying this far in marriage and in love is not an easy task. We passed by so many obstacles. We are now enjoying a sweetness of that, feeling bless each day. We understand now the meaning of marriage. At the onset, I have planned for this love letter since a month ago. I chose the photo firstly. Of all the photos that I have with you in my collection, the one that I love most was when you lock your hands in mine and our feet touch at the sofas. But for this entry, I chose the one that was shared in my Facebook as those are too special for me to share with others. These are the old ones that we snapped during our travel.

Argh, there's too much to write. But I suddenly no longer feel it important to pen down what's on my mind. Most importantly you knew and witnessed my changing process thus far, from the worst person on the universe to a slightly better person. I now able to smile and apologies sincerely without barrier as those coming straight from the peace within. Yes, Allah has finally granted the thing that I seek for since I went all the way to find the truth about Him, years ago. The answer is in me. Once I changed, everyone around me will change too. Speak only good things, leave the bad unspoken, buried immediately. Allah has answered my prayer in His beautiful way. I found Him and I found peace.

The last thing I wish to say is thank you for being such a wonderful friend, lover and husband to me. Thank you for proving that no one should never lose hope and trust in the power of du'a. I sincerely asking so much from Allah in my prayer for you, for us and for the children. I saw all that granted one by one without questions while I'm still breathing. Alhamdulillah is not even enough to say my gratitude to Him. And I know that I have to strive more to ensure His acceptance after I pass which I want you by my side. I'm aiming and taking all necessary step towards that. I now able to leave the past, others without looking back. They are now history. 

I believe in us, the love that we have for us both to grow old together. Let us be the one and only important person, by the grace of Allah to stay truthful to this relationship till the end of our life. Let this marriage be bless by Him, the one and only omnipresence that we worship. Let's enjoying every little bit that has left before meeting Him. 

I will share our couple song in your Facebook today just to bring memories of 26 years in love and 25 years in marriage. Cheers to many more years to come dear husband! I love you undoubtedly!

Yours truly

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