Friday, April 29, 2016

Ammie's Farewell Lunch at Inaho Sushi, The Curve

Lunch date: 21st April 2014

We chose something else at Ammie's request, i.e. Tony Roma's but we finally end up at Inaho Sushi Restaurant which made everyone's very happy in the end. The restaurant is located at an address, G41A, Ground Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, No. 6, PJU 7/3, Petaling Jaya. They have 2 outlets only in KL, which you may search and find more about them from their official website, The main one is at the rooftop of Sky Park One City and the other one was where we took Ammie for her farewell lunch, The Curve. The website clearly qualify that the place is Pork Free dining place, meaning no park is being cooked at the restaurant, offers only casual dine Japanese authentic cuisine. From Sushi to Soba, Sashimi to Kushiyaki, Inaho serves Japanese suisine in a casual setting. Our Japanese Master Chef and his team of chefs have created a unique, pork-free menu that serves the true clarity and richness of Japanese cuisine, minus the fuss.

I could have this daily as my set meal, my most favorite salmon sashimi, which becoming the boy;s favorite healthy meal

Tasted Saba meat from Ismail plate

Chahan, fried rice, RM10 part of with Tempura set at RM36

Sanma Set, RM36

Saba Set, RM36

Chicken Katsu set, RM26

It would be okay if I can have this set, Chahan, RM10 and fresh salmon, which came in separate set

Our small team member

The girls took my phone and duck selfie.. I have lots of them now in my phone 

Our chief surveyor with his Ramen Gyoza set, RM26

Farah was smitten by Naim's presence who sat next to her

A must group photo before leaving the restaurant

Remarks: I will write separately of how Ammie came into my life and we are both sisters in heart.

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