Wednesday, April 8, 2015

100 Days of Happiness - Day 71 to 80

13th March 2015 - My remuneration package at the new work place included a petrol card and free parking. Since I did not paid so much attention to these entitlement, I fill-up fuel and paid parking manually and submit claims on monthly basis. It was tiresome until the Human Resource has finally given me both the Shell Card and Parking Access Card. It took 2 burdens away. These days, I don't have to carry so much cash for the fuel and daily parking fee whenever I go to work. How the 2 cards contributed so much happiness and made my life so much easy. I'm thankful, indeed I am.

Day 71 of happiness: these 2 cards made a happy me. I no longer cares about oil prices nor do I need to care about searching for parking machine. Feeling so so bless with the comfort of not carrying cash anywhere. Life is free and carefree I am #100daysofhappiness#alhamdulillah #luckyindeed

14th March 2015 - A day spent with my darling girl Kayla has brought so much happiness. She and I becoming inseparable since I discovered her attachment towards the fur brush. She loves it and has been following around to get that special attention. She even understand when I call her name, she knew it's time for her special massage with her mother. 

Day 72 of happiness: Spending quality time with beloved Kayla gives unspoken peace. The way she kisses & following me around the house makes me a lucky mother. All devoted time, loving, caressing & brushing her fur felt worthy  #100daysofhappiness#daughters 

15th March 2015 - A reunion day with Anne for the first time in 2015 for lunch at Pavillion Shopping Mall was glorious. My sister came to fetch me as there's not even 1 vehicle that I can use on that Sunday Morning. Thus, a reunion for 3 of us. Nazhif used the Civic for his picnic with his colleagues, Syahirah was working, Hubby was playing tennis and Naim and his car is no where to be found. We spent almost half day together, having lunch, shopping, break for coffee, continue shopping spree till we surrendered. It was more meaningful as I got to introduce a Korean BBQ meal to Anne for the first time. And she loves it.

Day 73 of happiness: first meet after January the 3rd.. Introducing her to Korean grill meat with fresh salad leafs. Happiness overloaded ## #100daysofhappiness#bff 
16th March 2015 - One of the thing that we looked for during our shopping spree a day before was a Clarks shoe. The one that I put on my heels no doubt is beyond beauty. The height, design, colors and comforts are perfect. I made a wise decision of not taking her home with me due to many reason. Being wise is most important, second, I have the same Clarks shoe of the same color (different design) that I bought in London, hence, I do not actually need another pair of Clarks.

Day 74 of happiness: The shoes stayed comfy, pretty, push my height, boosted my confidence yet I succeeded to bid my farewell. At least I'm happy how wise I turned myself into these days. Spending wise ... #100daysofhappiness #goalsforfinancialfreedom#howlongcaniresist?? #shoot

18th March 2015 - Hema is a nice girl in the office. She is a person who has a heart of gold though she hurt some of her close friend without intention to do so. While having lunch with Michelle and I a day before, she was talking about a healthy capati. She promised to get her maid to prepare lunch (capati and curry) for us the next day. In the end, her food was shared by many of us in the office. I can't help but praying for her happiness while eating. I hope she would be more careful, more sensitive in the future with her surrounding. 

Day 75 of happiness: Homemade chapati from Hema's kitchen for lunch today. May our friendship lasts million years and may everyone in this world has food in their plate. Let's be thankful for everything we possessed in this life. Let's equally treated everyone with kindness #100daysofhappiness #peacelovecompassion

21st March 2015 - Towards the end of March, especially after Chinese New Year, the weather in Kuala Lumpur becoming extremely hot with heavy shower in the afternoon. That beautiful weather has made trees planted in the street by the municipality birthing to many colors of flowers. We had class on 21st March and I can't help but sharing the spring view at our campus. Similar sights are mostly everywhere in the city including along the way to my house, I could see these yellow flower beds on the roadside.

Day 76 of happiness: spring time in the campus today. #100daysofhappiness — at Faculty of Law, University of Malaya.

26th March 2015 - Tottie's morning routine is to wait outside my bedroom, following me around until I feed him. Later on, after I finish my morning shower, he would follow me inside and join hubby in bed. After my fajar prayer that morning, he was watching after me. As soon as I finished, I saw him looking adorably at me. It's so much love that I discovered, my morning meeting with Allah, surrounded by 2 important persons, hubby and Tottie. Hence, I pray for me and for everyone in this world to have such peace, love and happiness inside us. Only with that happiness we can made this world a better place.
Day 77 of happiness: love is an unspoken gesture #100daysofhappiness #tottie
27th March 2015 - I have never doubt that Allah has given me so much good things in this life including granting a good people around me whenever I go. I've been admiring and eyeing Yati's plant at her working desk for months. She said I can take some of the branches from her plant collection. So, I brought the vase that the Indonesian cleaner gave me when I was in my former office. Yati was working with me in the former project, Smart Tunnel, doing purchasing. She is another person who has a heart of gold, what she gave, the plant that she grew for many months to reach the stage at what they are in below photo was amazing. Allah and the prophet has said, give what you like to others, not the things that unwanted or things you want to dispose off. 

Day 78 of happiness: "Like a blooming night flower, bestow your vital fragrance of happiness and giving upon our intimate assembly", a poem by Hafiz. Both vase and plant were a gift from 2 kindest hearted person... I'm greatly indebted, Alhamdulillah #100daysofhappiness #givingapreciousthingisagreatestdeed — with Yatie Ismail at Southgate Malaysia

29th March 2015 - Nazhif is coming home almost on every weekend. He is now in his final semester for his diploma. That weekend, both of us were planning to go out to the Mines Shopping Mall, where Syahirah is working so that he can choose his birthday present that the sister promised to get him. I thought of having lunch at the mall with him. Unexpectedly the other 2 boys, Naim and Nasrul were following. We had no doubt having a good lunch at Japanese restaurant before heading to Uniqlo. After Syahirah finished her work for a day, I surprised them to select another birthday present for Nazhif, i.e. Hero 4, a gopro camera. Heading out to the camera shop, they left me behind that gave me opportunity to snap how they look from behind. A beautiful sight to any mother after stop giving birth 17 years ago. The results are not bad!

Day 79 of happines: No. 4,3,1 & 2 in search for a "Hero" at our weekend date. May your bond, love and protections for each other remains forever. Be a good muslim and a good person is all we ask from you. Love, your parent #100daysofhappiness #childrens#unconditionallove #bff — with Nasrul ShamsuddinMuhammad NaimShamsuddin Abu SamahSyahirah Shamsuddin and Nazhif Shamsuddin at The Mines Shopping Mall

30th March 2015 - One of many things that I enjoyed working in this office is the toilet. It has mirror everywhere. The cleaner came twice to clean-up which gave a nice smell everytime I want to use them. I took selfie that day in my new office outfit with old Clarks heel, Mary Jane. It was one of the craziest thing I did when I was not in a right mood.

Day 80 of happiness: Going bonkers in Mary Jane heels, i.e. taking selfie snap in the toilet seems pretty okay  #100daysofhappiness #forgivemyinsanity#toiletbreak — at Southgate Malaysia.

I will then continue with my travelougue of the last train rides. 2015 would be another great year. Anne and I had booked our flight for our 4th leg. There's so much things and priorities to do before the trip, i,e, getting ready for the exam in August, niece wedding in Kelantan in September before I can share the details of the next trip.

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