Tuesday, April 7, 2015

100 Days of Happiness - Day 61 to 70

16th February 2015 - A year gone by since my beloved Maznah passed away in peace. I re-post one of my Facebook cover photo to record the day. Ever since she's gone, I quietly making my preparation to meet the Creator. May I'll be accepted with this determination to cleanse all those sins that I've committed while at the same time collecting the deeds. I pray everyday that I will be protected from my own evil spirit and others creatures in this world as mentioned in 2 Quranic surahs, Surah Al-Ikhlas and Surah An-Naas. Amen!

Day 61 of happiness: 1 year anniversary since we're parted. Not even a day I forgotten how warm she was to everyone. The most kind hearted person that shall stays in her close friends heart forever. Till we unite my friend, rest in peace. Al-fatihah #100daysofhappiness #bff

17th February 2015 - Choi Si-Won, the Korean actor (member of Super Junior) ad on a heartbreaking movie by none other than Jackie Chan has attracted me to sit at the cinema hoping to see at lease, half of the movie featuring him. Unfortunately he appeared less than 2 minutes and my son was making fun of me. Notwithstanding Choi Si-Won short appearance, I still give 5 star to Jackie Chan for directing the movie that shows so much love, compassion and hopes in the name of peace to the human mankind. His effort is worth a standing ovation and 2 thumps-up.

Day 62 of happiness: next date with Choi Si Won on 19 Feb 2015 right after a date with Mila Kunis in Jupiter Ascending tonight. Life is indeed full of fun with d action pack movie  #100daysofhappiness #movielover#offugo50shadesofgrey 

19th February 2015 - At a last minute arrangement, 4 of us made our way to Cameron Highland during Chinese New Year break so that this poor mother would be able to record her visit in her blog about Mossy Forest. Nazhif was not happy since the father could not follow and his other brother was following his colleagues to Penang. In addition, he made such a huge fusses over the hotel arrangement. Alhamdulillah, the hotel reception confirmed 1 room available for us allowing us to relax throughout the journey. Towards the end of the drive, Nazhif was panicked when the fuel meter was blinking in yellow. We overcome that nightmare as soon as we arrived at Tanah Rata and treated our self to a nice dinner at Rosette Cafe that night.

Day 63 of happiness: Celebrating lunar year of goat, 2nd night dinner with the kids. Herbal soup steamboat is yummylicious Gong xi fa cai to all #100daysofhappiness #jjcm 

20th February 2015 - the next morning, 3 of us (Syahirah opted to spend her time in the spa instead) waited eagerly at the hotel lobby after breakfast. We booked for a tour guide, paid at nominal fee, RM50/pax for the transportation to various attraction in Cameron which include the main attraction that I was looking for, the Mossy Forest. Surprisingly the hiking was a little less than what we originally expected. Nevertheless, I achieved 1 of my goal that day, which was more meaningful.
Day 64 of happiness: Achieving 1 of the place to visit before die, "Mossy Forest" with the boys. Alhamdulillah, may the next destination would be as smooth & pleasant like today  #100daysofhappiness#cuticutimalaysia

21st February 2015 - We went back on the same day as there's nothing much for us to do in Tanah Rata. The tour guide has taken us to all attractions that we should, at least cover including the Boh Tea Plantation in Sg Palas. We went on our own to the famous night market and brought back roses plant and honey. I wanted to buy the fresh vegetables but were discouraged by the children who assured that those vegetables will end up in the dustbin after a week or two (since the mother is not cooking - #they knew me so well). I was happy that the girl who sell roses gave me 1 free roses tree. I planted the roses the very next day at 1 of the corner of our small garden that we currently have. Once our new house is ready, it shall be moves to it's permanent home. My plan is to get the roses root to be stronger and healthier before the shifting. Alhamdulillah, only 1 pot did not survive, rest are all in a healthy state. I'm indeed a very lucky and happy person to see it's happening right in front of my nose. 

Day 65 of happiness: A dream must begin with good plans, investment, a strategic location, nourishment and obedience. May my dream to have roses garden will come true someday. Bismillah #100daysofhappiness #rm50investment #day1nursery#nourishastrongerroots #rosesoroses 

22nd February 2015 - Throwback photo in Boh Tea Plantation in Sg Palas on a lazy holiday with mind still set on the green tea carpet mountainous view. How blossom and warming to be in Cameron Highland's cool weather. Malaysia has many places to explore. I discovered that I have at least 30 attractions in my home country that I should explore before I die. One of them is the famous Batu Caves. I must make the effort to be 1 of the Malaysian who has climbed 272 steps of Batu Caves. And not to mention to visit the pinnacles in Miri jungle. 

Day 66 of happiness: Throwback moment at Boh Plantation with 90 years old tea tree, planted in 1925. Fact: tea tree can live up to 110 years. Nothing stays forever. There's no immortality in this life. Hence, live up what remains by forgiving ourself for our imperfection. Argh I've been sentimental today.... #100daysofhappiness #selfreflect#readingiswatimustdo

1st March 2015 - After a Land Law class, I had an early dinner with my buddy, a friend that I did not even met last year. He suggested the Melaka crab meat as a starter. It was an excellent choice as the taste are far better than what it looks. We shared a quite large grill seabass thereafter. The date was even more meaningful as we speak non-stop without realizing that time has passed. With a heavy heart I took my leave. We promise to see again next year. This buddy of mine is my friend of 10 years. How time has fly.

Day 67 of happiness: Great catch-up with old buddy today. Excellent food, pretty ambiance, positive vibes, made unexpected promises yet promising, feeling blessed  #100daysofhappiness #10yrsoffriendship#melakacrabsalad 

2nd March 2015 - Lion dance day at the office keeps everyone spirited. I have numerous shot but the one Feneca snap for Hema is the most beautiful. She represents our happiness that day. Hema becoming a special friend in my new office, the first one who opens up to me. The rest follow suit and I almost get the same environment in the former office with my 8 buddies. How lucky I am to be surrounded with a good kind hearted people anywhere I go. I'm going away soon, it would be difficult to tell them. Sigh!

Day 68 of happiness: It's a lion dance day and Hema is healthy again. May everyone be granted with a bundle of joy/happiness, longevity, abundance of wealth and a peace of heart. Peace, year of goat #100daysofhappiness #unitedmalaysian 

3rd March 2015 - Tony Roma's Steak house, Pavillion shopping mall, a night before celebrating Nazhif's birthday. He is 21 year old. It was a miracle for everyone (the whole family) to be at our favorite restaurant on a working Monday night. Usually, 1 or 2 could not make it. It's Nazhif's lucky day. Co-incident that Nasrul's SPM result was out the next day. It was a combined event.

Day 69 of happiness: someone's turn 21 yesterday, another one spm is out today and we had a lovely dinner 6 of us. May you have your wishes come true to that 2 "someone's"  #100daysofhappiness#birthdaybornday #family
5th March 2015 - in Tropicana Golf & Country Club, Damansara. The company had arrange a large Chinese New Year lunch for the staff, client's and associated, a combine event for the underground team (UGJV) and Project Delivery Partner (PDP) team, both under the same umbrella, MMC-Gamuda Joint Venture (MGJV) for MRT Project. There's a lion dance show with 2 dancer sitting on the staircase taking rest. We on the other hand just recorded our photo for instagram competition. Obviously I did not won. But the record photo with Mr Ong Tee Juan suffice to make me happy.

Day 70 of happiness: with buddies of MGKT's family at our CNY lunch and get together! The 2 lions were not dancing, hence the pose in red team. The last photo to record the year of  #100daysofhappiness #mgktcny#committeeplschoosemyigpost 

Remarks: I will post 3 entry in a row for 100 days of happiness project before continuing back with the travelogue.

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