Tuesday, April 7, 2015

100 Days of Happiness - Day 51 to 60

24th January 2015 - It was the first class for Islamic Criminal Law and the first time we were meeting Professor Dr Mohd Khalid Roslan, who currently teaching part time in Egypt university. For year 2, I chose both Criminal Law in Civil and Islam for better understanding and quick comparison of how the law was made or created from the 2 different perspective. Proff Dr Khalid has shared the most beautiful poem by Imam Shafi'i in 1 of his slide presentation, i.e. about a traveler who seek wisdom in his path of life. The class has motivated me to finish off my Jurisprudence study though my heart was not really into it after getting the 1st year result slip.

Day 51 of happiness: ... and Imam Shafi'i guru said to him that knowledge is Nur (light). Allah will not grant His light to those who sin . Dr Md Khalid then advised, read cases with passion, learned by heart. Getting that into my lazy head somehow brought back happy inspiration. #100daysofhappiness#criminalincivilvsislamiclaw

26th January 2015 - Maryam and Zaharah are my best buddy in the university. We click as good friend ever since our first meeting in the first year. We had a celebratory lunch that Maryam passed all her papers, though  Zaharah and I flunked in our Contract Law. There's always a reason be created to enjoy good food with good friends. Zaharah had a good result, better than the 2 of us, since she got A for her Islamic Law paper. The first year result has given me a wake-up call to not overly confident, always be cautious by not having high hopes. Most importantly to study harder, i.e. not at the last minute (a month before the exam). There's no gain if no pain. 

Day 51 of happiness: my girl and I sharing success & happiness with happy luncheon at our favorite banana leaf restaurant. Yums #100daysofhappiness#throwback #bff

29th January 2015 - It was one of the weird thing we did on the working days, i.e. late dinner at fine dining restaurant. I had to bribe them so that they will agree to to accompany me visiting my lecturer, En. Kadir who was warded due to his colon cancer treatment. En Kadir insisted that I visited him instead of giving me his bank account number. We had created a fund for him, that my classmate and I collected for him during our reunion last year. Lucky that I visited, En Kadir passed away today, 7th April 2015 at 5.05 am, right before fajar prayer. I will not have my chance to see him if I did not turn up that night at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur. May you rest in peace En. Kadir, Al-Fatihah to kind hearted soul. I thank Allah for that blissful night spent with both En. Kadir and my family. 

Day 52 of happiness: A night out on weekdays with the boys are joyous. Late dinner, good food, great ambiance for a long overdue get together are priceless. I'm happy, I really am with whats happening lately #100daysofhappiness #foodagain

30th January 2015 - I'm very bad at keeping a good routine intact. For example, having oats and taking fish oil supplement is what I must do every morning to reduce my cholesterol level as well as to discipline a healthy living style. I used to walk-up the stairs whenever I arrived office early in the morning. I seldom do that these days. My laziness has brought back the old habit, eating, not doing any exercise nor taking the supplementary pills regularly. Having to write about my good habit on 30th January 2015 is indeed a good reminder to be "good" again.  

Day 53 of happiness: A good start today, arrived 6 minutes early, having a quick catch-up with Abu, spice up a pale taste of oats with cranberries, a mug of coffee, fish oil after breakie ... Am so ready to begin work at 8am sharp  #100daysofhappiness#beatcholesterol #betulkehealthylifestyleni

31st January 2015 - January 2015 was a happy month. It was the last installment that I paid for my 5 year old car, Civic. I made a vow that day that I will never ever going to upgrade to any better car as the Civic is sufficient to be my best buddy ever. She has kept me safe and will continued to do so. What I need to do is to maintain her well, especially now that I get reimbursed monthly to do so. I bought her in 2010, well before my work assignment expired in Karachi. It was initially Honda City that I originally booked, which later I change to Civic after having a second thought. Lucky the Honda salesman and the bank were entertaining, if not she and I would not meant to be together till now. 

Day 54 of happiness: My car is 5 years old, free from financing and i got to enjoy free nasi lemak while servicing her. Indebted to Allah for keeping me save all this life. Will keep that in mind and will keep her with me for long time  #100daysofhappiness#majorservice100Kkm 

1st February 2015 - During 1 of Syahirah's off working day, she and I had a great time shopping and do whatever we liked, i.e. having Korean BBQ lunch in Pavillion Shopping Mall. We could not enjoy our Korean lunch if hubby were to follow. He's not into Korean food as much as we do.

Day 55 of happiness: My daughter, my best friend for life ... She is my happiness  #100daysofhappiness#sherobmycloset #onlygirl #belumlakulakulagi 

5th February 2015 - Four of us went out again on 5th February to accompany Syahirah to buy her new handbag at Forever 21 boutique, now that she's earning on her own. Nazhif and I were posing while waiting for her. Hubby was giving her advice. Looking at below photo, it shows how high and wider Nazhif has grown up all these year. He's 21 in a few weeks time when the photo was taken. I'm indeed a lucky and bless mother to have this bundle of happiness.

Day 57 of happiness: behind every man (success or not) stand his mother, as once when he was a little boy he looked at her as the most awesome figure #100daysofhappiness #dunleturselfgrow#letursondothat 

8th February 2015 - On 7th February 2015, Syahirah turned 23. The 2 of us, i.e. parent went to the mall where she work. We took her out for her birthday dinner at Seoul Garden. Time does fly, look at her, all grown up, having to enjoy her own income, no longer asking money from us. We are so looking forward on the day we can retire. We pray for her to soon find her own happiness, succeed in looking for a future husband. May happiness and all good things are happening around you, my daughter. 

Day 58 of happiness: Someone is turning 23 yesterday. A very happy birthday to you daughter. May you find your own happiness someday while being lazily happy with us 2  #100daysofhappiness #taklakupuntakpela#arightguyistheresomewhere #luvluvluv 

9th February 2015 - It was another lucky day that I manage to snap a photo of Nasrul in his uniform in front of where he worked temporarily while waiting for his result. Nasrul never likes his photo taken. He's camera shy. But that day, he had no other way to hide as he was about to enter a car. I had planned that shot to record 1 of the important moment in his life; that he was in 2015 proven working in Domino's Pizza. I day he would appreciated that I recorded this event in my blog.

Day 59 of happiness: My hearts flutter at a sight of this mature boy. Still, he is forever an Apple boy to his parents eye  #100daysofhappiness #dominoboy#pizzaexpert #17yonasrulspm2014

10th February 2015 - It's Chinese New Year season, hence there's a routine in my new office for a department lunch. This special lunch was prepared by all supporting staffs. It was very kind for all of them to come together and spread food on the table for us all. I strongly believe that there's always a good things inside everyone's heart. If each one of us can overcome the evil deep within us, then the world can be a better place for everyone. According to beautiful Adawiyah, this kind of event ended by reuniting all members in our floor for a group photo like what we did that day, on the 10th February 2015, my first lunch function with them.  

Day 60 of happiness: "free lunch"

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