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Vienna - Glance through visited places

Date: 11th & 12th of April 2014

The ladies with 142 years old Rathaus

There are many good things that I like about Vienna, famously known as city of music and sometimes being referred to as the city of dreams. My sister Roshayati was here more than 10 years ago following her husband for official duty. It was her second trip to the city but she couldn't remember mostly all places that she visited those days.

At Flohmarkt, a Saturday flea market
Going through places that Anne and I proposed in our itinerary has brought some memory back to her mind, especially when we were in St. Stephen's cathedral. She remembered the black church and I thought it was a black church too when I first saw the cathedral in the Google images. In reality, the cathedral looks much more prettier in real life. This is the place that everyone should pay a visit, at least once in their life, or maybe once in their dream too.

St Charle's Church in Karlplatz

I'm sharing few preliminary photos of places we've been and explored on our 2nd day in Vienna. The most memorable 1 that we encountered was when we once again bumped into Nova Revista, an Indonesian student that we met in Buda Castle. Secondly we had Vienna's apple strudel and most amazing croissant at Aida's cafe, the cafe that was recommended by local Austrian when I was bargaining very hard in his shop for some discounted price over plates and fridge magnet selling in his shop.

St Stephen's Cathedral
We went into an opposite direction from the Time Out Hotel that made us lost direction and instead found Vienna's Flohmarkt, i.e. a Saturday flea market. This was the place where we reunited with Nova. It was a good thing though as she helped us getting to places in our printed itinerary list. Following the city map, there's places that she also wanted to visit, hence, it was a win-win situation when she decided to tag along.


We went to get a daily transportation card that enables us to move around, seated at the end of the flea market. From there, we mistakenly get down at Karlsplatz instead on Stephenplatz. Co-incidentally, we went to see St Charles's Church, a unique baroque church on the south side of Kalsplatz. Anne said that was not the St Stephen Cathedral that she wishes to see. Hence, we turned back towards the metro line and headed to the mother church the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna; St Stephen's Cathedral which is the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schonborn.

Having coffee break at Aida's cafe

Stephanplatz, or rather a huge shopping galore was just next door, within the same vicinity. Walking around after a great Americano cuppa with Apple strudel and croissants at Aida Cafe, we were so happy to see the shopping street at the Stephenplatz. We did not shopping there thinking that it would be much troublesome for us to carry heavy luggage on the train. We merely did a window shopping instead.

After a while, we were somehow found ourself at a beautiful gate of the gallery art or rather a museum at the historic part of the city. The gate leading us to Hofburg Imperial Palace which had unknown function, but Anne said it was a marathon day. We were clueless to see crowds of people at the palace compounds. Since we were interested to snap photos of all the beautiful buildings surround the palaces complex, we did not bother to ask what function was being held.

Hofburg Imperial Palace

From there on, we saw from a far distance Rathaus, a new city hall that is visible from the palace. We walked a bit more and with majority votes we headed for the underground metro line. First, we stopped for toilet breaks and get on to the next train to Rathaus. It was another festival held in the city hall compound. There's foods, drinks and folk music everywhere. The place was crowded with the locals who gathered there for another unknown festivals.

After we have done with our exploration, we asked for easiest direction to our hotel from 1 of the locals. They advised that it was so near by walk, unknown to him that we were so tired from walking too much that day. Nova started to get assistance from her smartphone and it was a long way to understand the gadget. Anyway, we passed by the Parliament house and many others beautiful buildings of which at that time, I wish I could snapped all and keep that view in my memory for a long time.

House of Parliament

Suited a title for the city, "City of dreams", I too became a dreamer, hoping to return or maybe stay a longer time (minimum a month) in this beautiful city of Vienna. To cut the story short, we found our way back to the hotel and Nova said her farewell. We get ready with quick wash and prayers. The hotel staff was very helpful and friendly of lending us a proper place to pray. She even called us a taxi to the Wein Westbahnhoff for our next train journey to Salzburg.

It was a hectic but productive day we had in Vienna. We may cover more places should we stay longer but Paris is waiting and we cant wait to see the city's of light.

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