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Vienna - Flohmarkt Saturday Flea Market

Date: 12th April 2014

Metro line beneath 1 level down from the Vienna's Flohmarkt

My family was experiencing their first and wonderful time in Karachi Flea market, famously referred to as “Sunday Bazaar” during our 3 years stay in Karachi. It was the place where, we, Malaysian likes to hang out during our weekends. We have not been to any flea market in Kuala Lumpur before 2007 though. Thereafter, we came to know about plentiful of such flea market in KL, such as Downtown flea market in the Mines area that the boys love to shop.

Fallen for this beautiful building so so much!

When vacationing in Greece in 2008, Syahirah, Nasrul and I have been to a Sunday flea market in Athens. We happened to by pass 1 flea market seated by the road side not far from the Acropolis where we found it on our way back to the hotel. The items on sales were mostly what I saw in Vienna.

On our Saturday morning in Vienna on 12th April 2014, we, coincidentally found a Vienna’s Flohmarkt, one of the the largest flea market in Europe when we lost our direction to visit Rathaus. Being there, I would say, it was a market that you might consider buying a souvenir to your loves one back home. It was advised to get there early to beat the crowds to old books, antique jewelry and oddities from across the continent.

Flea market requires quite considerable lengthy time to explore; hence, it may not be physically possible to get around to every stall in just one weekend.  I hope, from the photos of what were there at the flea market would give you some idea of what Flohmarkt has had to offer.  Part of the thrill and the despair is getting off Vienna’s beaten tourist track to dig out its hidden treasures, flea market style.  There are many others Vienna flea markets that you may found in other part of the cities.

Most of the stalls sell typical market produce, i.e. socks and cheese, however there was a corner setting up in antiques.  There’s fruits, food stuffs and coffee shops at the centre of the market should you decide to take a break whilst continuing shopping in between. In overall all stalls turns out to be quite selective and attractive to look for.

My priority was to look for the bracelet... It was tough though many selections at this stall

Be careful when choosing items from the flea market as its normal to expect a bit of rubbish at flea markets, especially at “antiques” corner.  To be more specific; there’s a lot of broken rubbish, along with some second-hand items that have a slim chance of being needed by anyone but you tend to buy it out of necessities.

Flohmarkt is an open-air market being fairly large in size, with a mixed selection of items. On the whole, it’s an interesting flea market, with a nice string of market cafes for lunch and people-watching afterwards. There’s also a farm foods stalls where you can grab a bite or quench your thirst.

Beautiful Nova with beautiful bestie, Anne... Loves

In overall, it was a great flea market, indeed. It was even great when the nice young lady, Nova in her cheerful mood had share her knowledge of the place and all places that we explored thereafter. With her, our group became a 4 mother and a girl.  Stay in touch Nova. In the meantime, do enjoy all beautiful photos that Anne and I snapped at the market.

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