Sunday, October 28, 2018

Nasrul and His Polo

Date: 28th October 2018

How time flies. Nasrul has moving from another comfort zone, a big boy or rather an adult now I would claim. He agreed to a lot of thing after I shared about Volkswagen's promotion on 21st June 2018 in the family whats App group. It was on Tuesday that the red Polo car appeared in the group. No response from him on my question whether or not he likes to have that Polo as his first car till Friday night. He said okay to visit the Volkswagen sales gallery somewhere near our area the next day, i.e. on Saturday, 23rd June. Everyone except Nazhif who is in UK tag along. Four of us were more excited than the "Apple Boy" turned "Polo Boy".

The whole family accompanied him for the test drive within the Volkswagen compound even though it was Naim who drove. To everyone's surprised, I paid a booking fee of RM500 immediately after everyone convinced that the car is suitable for him and after he, while kissing my face whispered YES, he likes it. The loan was arranged immediately after by a beautiful petite sales girl, Sam Moo. My family never expected that I was serious nor did I expected Nasrul to agree. But I announced publicly that I want him to get his driving licence firstly and secondly he must continue his degree in University Tun Abdul Rahman (UTAR) by October. But none of that important to him anyway. He wouldn't be bothered to entertain to my 2 conditions. He took his own sweet time to take a driving class. When the car is ready to be collected on 13th July, Nasrul did not even sit for the driving test yet.

Naim was the one who drove the car for more than 2 months since his own car was at the workshop due to the accident. Those days when Naim was a teenager, he always hinted that he either want Polo or Golf as his first car. But when the time came for me to buy for him, I wasn't ready to take a loan, hence I bought cash a second-hand car, Peugeot 206 for him to go to college. Indirectly, by letting him drive the Polo while his car is out from the workshop is like fulfilling his old dream. Nasrul doesnt make noises too as he knew he has no bargaining power without a driving licence in his plate (p/s: until to the day I'm writing this, that boy hasn't had his licence yet). 

As for me and hubby, we felt so much content to see Syahirah's and Nasrul's car parked side by side at above photo. All we want is the two of them to have such a harmony living together as we wish them to share the blue house when we are no longer in this world. At present we no longer have any issue of not having transportation of disturbing anyone to drive for as everyone has their own vehicle.

On separate note, Syahirah's first car for her to attend college was Hyundai I10 way back in year 2011, of which she sold off  as downpayment early this year as to get herself a new white Axia. That girl made her own living, capable of getting a loan under her own name without a need for guarantor. That girl has her own pride. I wasn't able to shape her life as I wanted. I rest my case whenever it came to her matter.

Well, the children are busy with their own dreams. Syahirah is preparing for her wedding, Nazhif with working part time, studying and living his own life afar, Naim struggling to have his own business while being an Air Steward, figuring out to change to an International Airline after finishing contract with Air Asia in March next year and Nasrul is busy creating his name as YouTuber and video making. Hubby on the other hand, living peacefully enjoying a heavenly place of our blue house. Suffice to him being surrounded with nature and simple life in this home of ours.

I, in the period of having menopausal state kind of thing, still figuring out of what will I want to do apart from having a secured career life in Gamuda's group of company. Sometimes, I miss those dreams that I created. Despite a busy schedule, I have started writing a book, this blog has been abandoned at one point, cooking is still to be out of context, travelling, chasing trains etc etc.... Gosh, there is so much that I wanted to do but my heart is so at peace as what is important to me is to have only Allah in my heart. The great attainment that I'm chasing now is that Allah is pleased with me. It's the meaning of Surah Al-Maidah verse 119 "Allah will say, "This is the Day when the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness." For them are gardens (in Paradise) beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever., Allah being pleased with them, and they with Him. That is the great attainment."

That's all for now, peace be upon you!

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