Monday, February 6, 2017

The Chandeliers

I was in class today when I suddenly felt like sharing the latest updates photos of our new house. I did mentioned about the 4 chandeliers in my previous entry. It was the chandeliers that hubby bought for the house which, honestly never ever appeared in my wish list. When I bought the land to build a house in 2005 and later working on it's design for 2 years from 2010, never did it crossed my mind that the house would have chandeliers. It was too grand, not suited a mere person like me. I didn't even dream to have a chandelier but hubby must thoughts well. Maybe he got that idea while building the house and while searching for interior design ideas from our favorite website, Houzz. For your information, we bought 3 chandeliers when we went back to Kelantan recently while attending my niece wedding. We were queuing at the traffic light when hubby accidentally noticed the lights shop on the right side of the road while we were on our way to Kota Bharu town.

We bought a pair of similar chandelier for the main hall. That flowery type is to be fix at the foyer, i.e. main entrance

The first photo below was from the third level of the house, i.e, the passageway above Syahirah's bedroom leading towards the hexagon water tank house. Nasrul's bedroom is located beneath it. Nasrul is the lucky 1 as his room was the only 1 with hexagon's plastered ceiling. The passageway, or rather an excluded balcony would be the best place to observe sunset. We viewed daily sunset from our balcony in Altitude 236 and in future we will have this cosy area to hang out at every afternoon. I bet this would become hubby's favorite spot in the future. It would be better if I could add some roof gardens. Let's see whether or not I have time to do it. 

The house is built with 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, it's a little bit too many for a family of 6. We will occupy 5 bedrooms, mine at the ground floor whilst all children's will occupy their own floor. The other 3 bedrooms are intended for the maid, the guest and the cousins' room. Our kids has a lot of cousins from both sides of the family. They are very close and that was the reason why we added 1 more bedroom for them to have their privacy with the cousins on their floor. Above anything, we hope that everyone who comes to visit and stay would feel at ease, a feeling of staying at their own place would be a bonus.

Syahirah's room is on the 1st floor, whilst below is a guest room

The last photo of the house is my most favorite, it is a dining and the main living area for the guest. We are going to install the identical chandeliers at this area. I saw it from Houzz years ago. Hubby must have kept that photo for long time as he ensure that I would have it though it took so much time for his workers to make it happen. In fact it was the first few photos that I save into my idea books. Hubby had get his workers to spend so much time to lay the ceiling exactly how it was show in the photo.

For the record, I first came to know about hubby's intention to install chandelier at the staircase area when I happened to accompany him buying a mechanical motor hoist that will assist to bring down the lights for cleaning and maintenance. My head started to ache as I knew it would be a nightmare to search for proper and appropriate chandelier for that highest ceiling area of the house. When we accidentally found below chandelier in Harvey Norman, I thought our search is over. At that time, I was thinking to buy a simple chandelier without crystals from Ikea which price tag is about 10 times cheaper. But the light shop in Kelantan changed my plan. It was an Egyptian crystals that is used for chandeliers whilst the Harvey Norman 1 was a crystal from China. Anyhow, instead of 1, we will  gonna have 4 chandeliers altogether hung inside our new house.

The 1st Chandelier that we purchased at Harvey Norman for the staircase area
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