Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Iftar at Delicious, Bangsar Village

Dining date: 19th June 2016

It was a Father’s Day. Syahirah was on off day and asking everyone to have iftar outside to celebrate a father’s day. I was not keen as if I go it means I have to skip performing Terawih, the un-obligatory prayer at the mosque. The month of Ramadhan is very precious as it comes only once a year. I shall dedicate the whole month only for Him. But a sudden thought came to mind. Spending a time with family is equally important. The Prophet Muhammad did not even performed his Terawih prayer at the mosque worried that his follower will take it as obligatory. The 8 or 20 rakaat prayers after isha’ are Sunnah. So, I said let’s go!

No words can explain how I enjoyed my Salmon Steak

Spicy Meatball Spaghetti

But then, hubby was ready to play tennis with his Sg Long team. He has 4 tennis group altogether and these guys plays once in a while in Ramadhan. He refused to follow. According to him, every day is a father’s day. Fate has find its own way. Heavy down pour with strong lighting suddenly appeared when he was about to go out. Due to that, he had to follow us instead. Co-incidentally Naim has just returned home from work (he works as trainee at Kidzania for his final semestar). Except for Nasrul, we had enough quorum. We went through the list of restaurant while riding a car to Bangsar Village. Everyone but me for some reason remembered having a meal with me at Delicious. I thought we went to Plan B for similar kind of food. But they were so adamant claiming that we did visited Delicious before.

Another must try main menu "Carbonara"

Nazhif had the same order with me, Salmon Steak with Soba noodle

Delicious Restaurant has many branch apparently. The Delicious Group is 100% owned by the Eastern & Oriental Group, a property developer who has a heritage hotel resort in Butterworth. It started off as a cosy tearoom in 1 Utama Shopping Centre with just a few items on its menu in 2004. Even though its location was not prominent, news of its delicious wholesome food spread like wildfire through word of mouth. The thriving cafe was usually packed with families and young professionals group of people looking for the comfort of homemade food served up. Soon, a second outlet sprouted up in Bangsar Village and now there are six Delicious cafes around the Klang Valley.

We chose only 2 cakes

Duck Arrabiata

We read a review by their customers and all seems to suggest that Spaghetti Carbonara and Pavlova are a must to have. We could not spot any bad review from the website. So, everyone agreed to give it a chance. Delicious restaurant menu has expanded into a veritable treasure house of western and local favourites that continues to satisfy the palates of its diners from breakfast till late supper. From their website, the menu has been prepared with an emphasis on fresh homemade food of "Pasta, Salads, Cakes and more...". It further claimed that Delicious' tagline is focusing on serving the best pastas, salads and cakes to its diners. Delicious have garnered a strong reputation for quality, presentation and value that has led to a successful extension in catering services.

Dark chocolate cake with Vanila Ice-Cream

Most recommended Affogato! A must!

Everything that we ordered are all recommended. Very rare to find a place where each one of us are so so happy with our choices. My choice of salmon steak and affogato taste perfectly. Therefore, I must repeat order when I visited next time. Most important of all, hubby's 24 years father's day was well celebrated even without Nasrul. Beside the foods, the modern ambiance of the restaurant and the service that we received from the waiters are first class. For us, the food price are reasonable, not too expensive and not too cheap.

Feeding a man who worth celebrating "Happy Father's Day" with
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