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Moscow - Lunch at Osteria Mario, Okhotny Ryad Shopping Mall

Date: 24th October 2015

First and foremost, I must share the link to the restaurant website, Osteriamario Moscow for your easy reference. They have 3 outlets altogether in the city alone. They brought the food, the interior and the whole feeling of an Italian cuisine into the Moscow city. We were in a rush that day and we found this restaurant located on lower level of the shopping mall, by mere chance. Beneath the restaurant is the Okhotny Ryad Metro Station. For those who wanted to have lunch and a tour at the Red Square thereafter, may fried Metro Lines and descend down at Okthotny Ryad station.

Okay, now the story behind the place. We found ourselves at a Manege Square, a large pedestrian open space in the Tverskoy District from where we were coming from, i.e. the Moscow Metropol Hotel after a delightful tour of the Moscow Metro Lines & Stations. The square is bound by the Hotel Moskva to the east, the State Historical Museum and the Alexander Garden to the south, the Moscow Manege to the west, and the 18th-century headquarters of the Moscow State University to the north. The square forms a vital part of downtown Moscow, connecting the Red Square, stretches behind the Iberian Gate immediately to the south with the major traffic artery Tverskaya Street. The place is accessible by 3 Moscow Metro stations, Okhotny Ryad, Ploshchad Revolyutsii, and Teatralnaya. We were down there earlier in the morning visiting those mentioned station.

2 lovely local ladies in the above photo who occupied the next table were very friendly to us. None of them can speak English but words of food are an easy communications ever, suffice for everyone to communicate and feeling love. Both had a kid who played around after their meal at the huge mall. And the 2 best friend were having good time with coffee after the meal while waiting for their children gets tired from running around. 

For lunch, I thought of having a local Russian cuisine. I knew that there are plenty of selection (seafods and vegetables) for Muslim to eat. However, Anne wanted to try an Italian cuisine. At that time, we were right in front of Okhotny Ryad Shopping Mall. The building has a big frontal sign of “Jamie’s Italian”. And seriously, yes, it is a restaurant by the famous British chef Jamie Oliver who finally opened a branch in Moscow city. This is where Jamie’s Italian is located. Jamie Oliver started taking over Russian restaurant market with Jamie’s Italian first in St. Petersburg. The place in St Petersburg has gained a lot of popularity among locals and tourists. Hence, it justified their official opening in Moscow, being second in the country.

But, we did not had our lunch in Jamie’s Italian. Rather, we were at Osteria Mario another network of Italian restaurants also established in Moscow. Osteria Mario had a few favorite Italian dishes, such as a true Roman pizza on thin crust of Italian flour, flavored "Minestrone" of roasted vegetables, fresh pasta and risotto sprinkled with parmesan cheese, strong ristretto, which will lead to life after a hearty dinner and not forgotten their Tiramisu that come with dark chocolate shavings. For such a fine dining restaurant, the foods are charge at affordable prices and with fresh, natural Italian products as what they claimed. Their pasta, pizza, tiramisu, seafood, cheeses and bruschetta and all other favorite Italian dishes and a tasty coffee is something we had no regret at tasting.

Besides, I personally like their set-up. Furniture, dishes, tablecloths, all elements of the interior Osteria Mario had an element of Italian environment. The first Mario Osteria restaurant was manually created with a chandelier of 100 porcelain bells, brought from Venice. A bright and large posters of their charismatic Mario are the decoration of each restaurant.

You may use below entrance, turn to the left and straight by the corner there's a Osteria Mario sign, unfortunately in Russian writing, large enough for anyone to see.

Okhotny Ryad Shopping Mall

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